How to Replace iPhone 4s Battery

Replacing a battery on an iPhone 4s seems difficult; but in reality it is not if you have the right tools.

Many people discard their phones; when they feel that the battery is not giving them the up time  they need; but with a little effort you can replace the battery and instead of discarding it; have it gifted to some one or keep it.

The purpose of this guide is to walk you through the steps required to change the battery.

The equipment needed to replace the battery is an all one kit that comes with the battery for $20.00 (Click Here To View)

To replace your iPhone 4s Battery follow the steps below

1. With the help of screw driver remove two screws from bottom of your iPhone 4s as show below.

remove iphone 4s screws

2. You don’t need to use the pry tool or a blade to open the back cover of your iPhone. When you remove the screws put the iPhone on palm of your hand and with the help of other hand slide it open.

iphone 4s open

3. When the cover is removed you can see the battery and it is attached with a little grounding clip and two further screws on a small metallic plate.

change iphone 4s battery

4. Remove the screws by using Phillip-Head screw driver and then the grounding clip, you can detach it by using your fingers but if it’s a problem then use any tool that has a long head to take it out.

iphone 4s battery open1

5. Using Pry tool lift up the metal sheet which you have already unscrewed, when it is lifted up than it means your battery is finally unplugged. The battery is glued to iPhone so you have to gently remove the battery by inserting pry tool or blade from one end and lifting the battery up. This way you will properly remove the battery from your iPhone

battery glued

6. Now attach the clips of new battery first and then carefully put the battery on its place and make sure it fits perfectly otherwise the back cover of iPhone will not fit properly. Press the clip with your thumb and screw it back.

iphone 4s battery 1 iphone 4s battery 3 iphone 4s battery 2

7. Now attach the grounding clip as you removed it and then attach the back cover of your iPhone and screw it firmly.

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