How to Replace iPad 3’s Glass Screen

Replacing iPad 3 Glass is easy; should you need to do it for yourself or for a friend or someone you’d like to help you can save huge on the labor costs. After you’ve read all the procedures in this guide; and you think you can do it then you can buy the glass screen here.

What you’d need to start..

You need a sharp knife, the sharper the better. Right size screw drivers and most importantly the new front glass which you want to replace with broken glass of your iPad 3.

Follow the steps described below to change your iPad glass/screen

ipad 3 screen replacement

The marking in the picture above; indicates the Wifi and  Mobile internet receivers. Before you begin; you have to do these markings (exactly as it is) to avoid cutting/disconnecting the receivers during the disassemble process.

Now using the knife; pry through glass on the bottom right of the screen. Make sure you wear safety goggles in case the broken glass jump into your eyes.

knife pry

Lift the glass up when you see the gap and wedge up so the side screen becomes detached from iPad.

Repeat the same method for the other three sides and take out the broken screen out of iPad. There will be screws on the four sides of screen, take them out and with the help of knife.

Lift the LCD and it will come out easily except a small tape attached with it.

There is a locking clip holding LCD and internal panel together, with a screw driver open the clip and take out the LCD.

knife pry 3

knife pry 2 knife pry1

Slide the old screen out and clean all four corners with cloth and make sure there is no glass leftover. And attach the new front screen side cables first then lock the clips back.

glass ipad3

Tuck in the LCD now and before screwing it back you have to lock its clips back. As shown above gently push the terminal inside and lock the clip by pushing in on right side. Now screw it as it was before – Turn On the device and check the LCD is working and gently clean the LCD so no dust particles get inside. Apply firm pressure on screen so it merges with the panel properly and you can use super glue (small drop on four corners of screen to stick the screen back.

Get the glass here! & The tools can be bought here

In the above example; we have used knife but it is recommended that you use a plastic prying tool.

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