How to Replace Galaxy S3 Screen

Replacing the screen of your Galaxy S3 Screen is very easy once you know how to do it and the total cost for the equipment is just $15.99 – with the kit; you get all the required tools needed to replace your screen and you can service your friends and neighbors S3’s as well.

If you have the kit already, you can skip to the steps below but if you do not have the kit you can get one for $15.99 including the replacement screen at Amazon – Click Here

The only additional tool that doesn’t comes up with the kit is a heat gun where hair dryers can also be used as an alternate to use use during the process in order to melt the glue holding the broken screen to the phone body.

Steps to replace Galaxy S3 Screen

1. Take the battery out; this is important to avoid battery conducting  additional heat from the heat gun/hair dryer; since it may result in a battery explosion.

s3 screen replacement 1

2. As shown in the image above; use heat gun/hair dryer to heat all four sides so that the sticky glue holding screen to the panels becomes soft; if you attempt to do it without heating, it may result in damaging internal circuits as it will be different to pull the screen off. Once it has been heated; for a few seconds gently pry inside the glass of the screen to scope it out; use the pry tool to pluck out fragments of broken glass if it is broken from the corner.

s3 screen replacement 2

3. Use the dryer or gun if the glass gets stucked; It is a good idea to start this procedure from one corner. As show below we started chipping the screen from speaker side to its bottom.

s3 screen replacement 3

s3 screen replacement 4

4. After the screen is fully off the board, use a tooth brush or a towel cloth to clean the glue off. Make sure you clean the surface properly.

s3 screen replacement 5#

5. Now you have two options, either use two side tape to hold the new screen or you can also use small drops of super glue on four corners. Before putting the new screen back clean the LCD of mobile once more so there are no dust particles. Now gently put the new screen back on and press it for few minutes.

s3 screen replacement 6.jpg

s3 screen replacement 7

6. That’s done now; your phone is ready with the new screen.


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