How to Remove Samsung Pass from Knox Tripped Devices

and re-enable fingerprint authorization for online accounts!

Samsung device users who root their device or otherwise do anything that trips Knox will find that Samsung Pass no longer functions for them.

Samsung Pass is a biometric authorization software that basically allows you to use fingerprint, facial recognition, or signature for logging into various platforms. But once you’ve rooted your Samsung and tripped Knox, you’ll no longer be able to use your fingerprint or other biometric methods of logging into your various accounts.

Even worse, some Samsung devices depend entirely on Samsung Pass – meaning that certain apps and accounts can only be logged into using Samsung Pass!

Its been recently discovered that if the Samsung Pass app is removed, the Android security settings will revert to default and allow fingerprint registration once again.


  • A rooted Samsung device
  • A root file explorer
  1. Open your root file explorer and navcigate to /system/priv-app/SamsungPass
  2. Rename the SamsungPass_xx.apk to SamsungPass_xx.apj
  3. Now go to /data/app/ and remove it.
  4. Reboot your phone.
  5. Now when you go into Settings > Lock Screen > Fingerprints > Enter Pin, Samsung Pass is gone! It has been replaced with Android’s default menu for toggling websites and Samsung account login, so activate the toggles and you should be set.
  6. One final note is that after registering a new fingerprint, you may need to clear the data on your various apps (banking apps, for example) to start using fingerprint to login again.
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How to Remove Samsung Pass from Knox Tripped Devices

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