How to Remove Flashbeat Virus

There are thousands of viruses and malwares attacking those users over the internet who are amateurs and download a lot of stuff over the internet. FlashBeat is one of the most common of them and it has been reported by the users as well.

What is FlashBeat?

In order to remove this virus and to prevent yourself in the future, you should have a brief understanding of what these are. FlashBeat is an adware program that can be installed with different packages you download over the internet. Unfortunately, there are some applications which don’t show the add-on during installation and these add-ons are installed along with the original application you are installing.

After installation of FlashBeat, your browser will display ads on different pages in the form of banners, pop-ups or even text ads and they will insist you to download the free sofwares (just a lie). These ads also show Powered by FlashBeat or ads by FlashBeat at the bottom. Shortly speaking, adware is a pay per click program that earns money whenever a user clicks on the ads.

How to Prevent Yourself in the Future?

I hope, if you are moving along smoothly, then this question will definitely arise in your mind that how you can prevent yourself from installing these ads in the future?

Here is the tip. Always perform a Custom Install while installing software whether it’s a game or an application. A number of times, these adware programs are embedded with the installer packages of other softwares and these also get installed with that particular software.

How to Remove Ads by FlashBeat Virus?

Here is the guide for which you have probably landed on this page. So, let’s get started to remove this hefty virus from your computer. Follow the steps below to completely remove the virus.

The first step which is needed before going further is to save bookmarks at a place. This is important as bookmarks can be deleted during this process of removing FlashBeat virus.

Export your browser bookmarks

Export Bookmarks from Google Chrome: (Skip if you don’t use Chrome)

1. In order to export bookmarks from Google Chrome, click on Chrome Menu icon at top right of the browser and select Bookmarks > Bookmark Manager.


2. Inside Bookmark Manager, go to Organize drop-down and click on Export bookmarks to HTML file. It will ask you to save HTML file to a folder. Save it and there you are.


Export Bookmarks from Firefox: (Skip if you don’t use Firefox)

1. To export bookmarks from Firefox, click on the bookmarks button and select Show all Bookmarks from the list or you can also use shortcut key Ctrl + Shift + B to open bookmarks menu.


2. Click on Import and Backup and select Export bookmarks to HTML. Save the HTML file.


Export from Internet Explorer: (Skip if you don’t use Internet Explorer)

1. In Internet Explorer, press a combination of key Alt + C to open favorites panel, click on Add to Favorites and select Import and export.


2. It will open a wizard. Select Export to a File and follow the instructions to save it inside computer.

Reset your browsers

Reset the browser in order to remove any links to the ads by FlashBeat In order to reset different browsers, see the instructions below.

Reset Firefox: (Skip if you don’t use Firefox)

1. In order to reset Firefox browser, go to Firefox and click on the Open Menu icon located at the top right of the browser.  It will display a menu with different settings. Click on the Help icon with a question mark present at the bottom of this menu.


2. Select the Troubleshooting Information from the next menu and click on the Refresh Firefox… button to reset all the settings to default.


Reset Google Chrome: (Skip if you don’t use Chrome)

1. In order to reset chrome, click on the chrome menu button at the top right and select Settings. Navigate to the bottom of the Settings and click on Show advanced Settings.


2. Now, move to the bottom and there you will find a button called Reset settings. Click on it and press Reset button again.

Reset Internet Explorer: (Skip if you don’t use Internet Explorer)

1. Click on tools icon at the top right of IE and select Internet Options. A new menu will appear. Move to the last tab called Advanced and click on Reset button. Restart the PC and your IE would be reset.


Run AdwCleaner to clean flashbeat traces and files from directories

  1. Run AdwCleaner program that supports all versions of Windows. Follow the steps to download and scan the PC in order to remove adware programs.
  2. Download AdwCleaner from here.
  3. Install the AdwCleaner and run it after installation.
  4. Before doing anything, make sure to bookmark this page or save this URL in a text document as running the scan through AdwCleaner would close all the opened apps.
  5. Now, click on Scan and when it completes the scan, click on the Cleaning At this exact time, it would prompt you with a warning. Click on OK. Computer will restart after the process and a text file will be opened automatically displaying all the programs that were removed by AdwCleaner.
  6. flashbeat10
  7. Now is the time to run comprehensive scanner software called Malwarebytes. Follow the steps to download and install Malwarebytes.
  8. Download the Malwarebytes software by clicking here. It is always recommended to use the Premium version of this software for a real time extended protection.
  9. After running it, choose Scan from the top and select Custom Scan. Click on Configure Scan button and it will move to the next screen.
  10. flashbeat11
  11. One the next screen, just select all the Local drives on your hard disk sitting on the right pane and click on the big blue Scan Now It will start scanning the entire PC and can take up to hours depending on the size of the hard disk.
  12. flashbeat12
  13. After the scan is finished, choose the Quarantine All option and see the magic.
  14. The above steps will remove each and every bit of ads by FlashBeat virus from your PC. Now, you would need to bring/Import your bookmarks back to their parents. So, the following steps will help you out in this regard.

Import Bookmarks to Google Chrome:

Go to Google Chrome menu and select Settings. Inside settings, find Import bookmarks and settings button at the bottom and click over it.

flashbeat13From the pop-up, select the Bookmarks HTML File from the drop-down and choose the HTML file that you saved before in this process. It will import all the bookmarks into your Chrome browser.


Import Bookmarks to Firefox:

To import bookmarks to Firefox, open the bookmarks by pressing the following combination of keys Ctrl + Shift + B. From there, select Show all bookmarks from the list and it will open a new window.

Click on the Import and Backup drop-down from the top and choose Imports Bookmarks from HTML. Choose the HTML file and that’s it.


Import Bookmarks to Internet Explorer:

Click on the star button at the top right of the IE or press Alt + C to open the favorites menu. Select Import and Export from the list. A new wizard window will show up. Select Import from a file and press Next.


From the next screen, select all the fields and hit Next again. Now, it will ask you to choose the HTML file you saved previously. Choose that file and that’s the end of everything.


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How to Remove Flashbeat Virus

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