How to Remove Fake Tech Support from your Computer?

The instant support program belonging to the family of Trojans displays contact information on your computer and displays errors from your Windows event log to trick you into believing that your computer has a problem. This program is typically included with other software that you download free from the internet according to your needs.

Once it is installed, it will automatically start when you boot Windows and would display error messages and the contact information periodically on either your taskbar or in the whole screen. If you click it, it will display fake information regarding error messages and further trick you into calling a support number where a fake technician talks to you and tries to persuade you into buying something.

How did this Application/Scam get Installed on my Computer?

It is important to understand the concept even though some people may find this program misleading, that there is not an actual problem on your computer. This program is usually installed through other programs which do not adequately disclose that other software will be installed alongside it.

Therefore it is fairly important for you to read all the license agreements and see if any additional software is being installed whenever you install any freeware on your computer. If any application displays ‘Custom or Advanced’ options during the installation, make sure you click them to see if any 3rd party application is being installed alongside the main one. Furthermore, if the license agreement requires you into agreeing to install some third party programs before you can install the application, it is advised that you immediately cancel the installation and delete it from your computer.

How to Remove it from my Computer?

There are simple and straightforward ways through which you can disable this annoying popup and remove it from your computer once and for all. This program might come under different names and may occur in different instances on your computer (for example on your Windows taskbar, your web page, on your whole screen etc.)

There are a few steps which we will go through to solve the problem. Follow each one and don’t go the next before the previous one is complete.

Step 1: Disabling the Process using Task Manager and Taskbar

If you have the whole screen covered by some random messages and you cannot access your computer manually, you will have to end the process using the Task Manager. Press Ctrl + Alt+ Del so you can launch the Task Manager. Once the task manager is launched, end all irrelevant processes (including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, other third-party applications etc.)

In this example, the computer only seems inaccessible. Go into the task manager and end all the tasks. Your computer will go back to your Desktop.


Another instance of the virus popping up in on your taskbar. A taskbar stating the problem along with the helpline will be opening after fixed intervals even if you cancel it again and again.


To disable this from happening, right-click on your taskbar, select “Toolbars” and uncheck the fake toolbar present. The toolbar may have fake names so it is recommended that you disable all of them to stop the phenomenon from happening. Do note that this will only disable it temporarily. To completely remove the malware/Trojans from your computer, follow the complete guide.

Step 2: Removing the Trojan or Malware

Now comes the real part; we need to effectively remove all the malware and Trojans present in your computer. First, we will see if there are any suspicious applications installed on your computer. After uninstalling them, we will download different versions of Malware Bytes and scan your computer so it can be cleaned.

  1. Press Windows + R, type “appwiz.cpl” in the dialogue box and press Enter.
  2. Once in Programs and Features, navigate through the list of all the programs installed. Do note that the Trojan will be disguised as a normal application. Search through the list thoroughly and keep a lookout for any application which you didn’t install or seems suspicious. Click it and select “Uninstall”.

  1. Make sure that all the suspicious programs are installed. There may be more than one application on your computer which is a Trojan or Malware.

Now we will use AdwCleaner and Malwarebytes to remove the software from your computer. Malwarebytes AdwCleaner, also known in its short form as AdwCleaner, is a free anti-adware program developed by Malwarebytes. You can scan your system using this application for registry keys, shortcuts, and fake browser extensions. This application may also detect other bloatwares present on your computer.

  1. Navigate to the official Malwarebytes AdwCleaner and download the application.

  1. Accept the Terms of Service by clicking “I agree”.

  1. After the threats are found, press the ‘Clean’ Do note that you will be required to restart your computer, so save all your work before proceeding.

Now we will download Malwarebytes and initiate a full scan to look for any discrepancies in your computer.

  1. Navigate to Malwarebytes official website and download the software.

  1. After downloading the executable, install the software on your computer.
  2. Now run the scan and let the scan complete. It may take some time as your whole computer is being scanned.

  1. If any discrepancies are seen, click on “Clean” to remove it from your computer.

Now just to get our state of mind, we will install Hitman Pro and scan our computer to see if there are any remnants left.

  1. Navigate to the official Hitman Pro website and download the executable software and save it to an accessible location.

  1. Accept the license agreement and continue with the installation. You will be given an option to either install the software completely or just run a one-time scan. Choose whatever is feasible.

  1. Hitman will now start scanning your computer. Wait for it to finish and don’t cancel at any stage.

  1. After the scan is complete and if malicious files are found, you will be notified. Get rid of them and restart your computer. In this example, there were three major threats found along with a lot of tracking cookies.

Now as the last step, we will clean your browser’s cookies and reset all the extensions so the scam is removed from your browser if it is present.

We have listed a method on how to clear the browsing data in Google Chrome. Other browsers may have slightly different methods to clear the data.

  1. Type “chrome://settings” in the address bar of Google Chrome and press Enter. This will open the browser’s settings.

  1. Navigate to the bottom of the page and click on “Advanced”.

  1. Once the Advanced menu has expanded, under the section of “Privacy and Security”, click on “Clear browsing data”.

  1. Another menu will pop up confirming the items you want to clear along with the date. Select “the beginning of time”, check all options and click “Clear browsing data”.

  1. Now restart your browser after saving all your work.
  2. Open Chrome again, type in the address “chrome://extensions” in the address bar and press Enter. All the installed extensions will be listed here. You should delete all the extensions which you think are suspicious, although we recommend that you disable all the extensions if your computer is infected. Restart your computer after the cleanup and check if the problem still persists.

We are done with the cleaning! Hopefully, your problem will be fixed. Now always keep a lookout for this kind of software so you don’t have to repeat these steps again.

Note: Appuals has no affiliation with any of the mentioned software. They are mentioned for the sole purpose of helping the reader. Install and use all the software at your own risk.

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How to Remove Fake Tech Support from your Computer?

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