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BEST GUIDE: Remove and Block Ads on Skype

Dealing with advertisements is always a bummer; they really frustrate users and are not to mention: unwanted. Skype is an application that we use for personal and professional reasons both and it’s always nice to have an advertisement-free communication experience. With the new updates to the software though, a lot more advertisements now find Skype a viable resting place. Unfortunately, the developers have not provided a built-in way to disable the ads, but fortunately, like always, there is a work-around. The following steps should help you in completely removing all of the ads from your Skype interface:

Hold the Windows Key and Press R. In the Run Dialog, type inetcpl.cpl and Click OK. 

block skype ads

Click the Security tab and chose Restricted Sites from the available zones at the top of the window. Right below the zone, you will find a “Sites” button. Click on it.


A window should appear and you need to add two websites one by one in to the list. Begin by typing “” into the input field and clicking “Add”. Now you have to enter “” as well and once again click “Add”.


Once you have added the two websites, you can move back to the old window and click on “Apply” to actually apply the changes and add the websites to the restricted websites’ list.

This adds the websites that send the advertisement requests to Skype to the list of restricted websites. Any information can’t be sent or received by or via these websites and it completely blocks the advertisement communication between your computer and the Skype servers.

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BEST GUIDE: Remove and Block Ads on Skype

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