How to Remove AdChoice from Your Mac OS X

Mac are not like Windows.  There are no such direct viruses/trojans for Mac unlike Windows which is very vulnerable to viruses and attacks. However, there are Adwares which is technically harmless and is limited to tracking and advertising ads on your system of which one of it is called AdChoice which is an adware that infects the computer and starts to display unwanted ads on your browser while you’re surfing the site. It tracks the user activity, and displays relevant ads to your searches and/or user behavior.

Here’s how the AdChoice looks like:



To remove AdChoice follow these steps below

Before proceeding with the steps below, visit and download it. After it has been downloaded, open and run it. Follow all steps as directed by the prompts.

then, after the mac restarts, proceed with the steps below.

Deny access to AdChoices via Terminal through the Hosts File.

1. First open a web page to bring up the AdChoice Ads.

2. Select the Ad through the mouse, just highlight it by clicking and dragging on the green underlined ad.

3. Right Click or Ctrl Click and Inspect the Source/Element.

4. Copy the link in the source, when i did it the link was “

5. Now go to Applications and Locate Terminal 

6. Open terminal, and type the following command:

sudo vi /etc/hosts
sudo nano /etc/hosts

After typing in this command, type in your mac password and hit enter (this will be invisible) and vi editor should open up.


7. In the editor, scroll down to the bottom and type:

You can replace with the link returned in source while inspecting the AdChoice.

Save the file and that should block all connects to the site.


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How to Remove AdChoice from Your Mac OS X

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