How to Record Skype calls

Skype has been here for quite some time and was considered the only video calling application present in Windows in its days. It follows a P2P architecture and also has cross-platform compatibility. It is currently owned by Microsoft and is also being slowly transitioned in the business community for online meetings and conferences.

The reasons why you might want to record your calls on Skype can be countless and Microsoft officially recognizes this need. You might need to playback a business meeting (which you did from a regular account) you just attended to get more insight regarding the points discussed or you may just need to replay a conversion with an old friend. Don’t worry, we have you covered.

Skype doesn’t have an inbuilt feature of recording calls in the normal application, but, it officially states that there are several third-party programs which allows you to do this task. We will list each of the application along with a short description. Take a look.

Note: Appuals is not affiliated with any third-party software vendors. The listings are done purely for the information of the user. Please install at your own risk.

Method 1: Recording using the inbuilt recorder for Skype for Business

Like mentioned before, Skype doesn’t have an inbuilt application for recording calls but Skype for business comes prepacked with this feature. Skype for business is an extension of the primary application of Skype and allows you to manage groups and instantly connect with numerous people with a single click. It also has features of auto-cropping, screen sharing and much more.

  1. Press More options (three dots) when attending a Skype for business call and click Start recording.

  1. When the recording is underway, you will see controls for controlling the recording session on your screen. You can pause, stop, and start recording accordingly.

  1. When you are done, just click Stop recording. Skype for business will prompt you that the recording has been saved and will then process the recorded file before making it available for you. It will be converted to an MP4

  1. To access the recorded file, click on Tools and then Recording Manager.

  1. Here all the recording will be available along with their necessary details.

Method 2: Callnote Premium

Callnote is one of that software which provides an “all in one package”. Through this software, you can record calls on Skype, Hangouts, Facebook, Viber audio etc. The application name “Callnote premium” is rather misleading and the software is indeed free. The paid version of the application is called “Callnote Professional” and it doesn’t have a limit of 30 recordings per month.

The application has good controls over Skype and has automatic triggers where it can also record every call you make and save the video file to your selected folder. It captures both sides of the conversion and is considered one of the best software out there for recording Skype calls.

Method 3: Evaer

Evaer might look like a very mediocre program from the looks of its interface but it gets the job done in a jiffy without any complications. It claims to capture original Skype audio and video and store it in high definition in your computer. There are various options for recording (240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p) along with the control of aspect ratios and frame rates.

The downside to the free version is that you cannot record a video for longer than 5 minutes. The premium version ($20) removes this limit and enables to record for unlimited periods of time. If you want to keep things simple, this one is for you.

Method 4: MP3 Skype Recorder

MP3 Skype recorder is a freeware software which only records the audio of each Skype call. This software is completely lightweight and also enables you to change options regarding the sampling rate and bit rate. The free version has all the features but is prohibited for commercial use. For business/commercial use, you are advised to purchase a pro version.

  1. Navigate to the official website of MP3 Skype recorder and download the required version.
  2. Install the application. Now you can easily turn the recording On and Off with a switch and also set the destination folder where the recordings will be saved.

Method 5: Ecamm (MacOS)

Ecamm is one of the professionally developed software which is smooth in regards to operation and is also known for excellent feedback by the users. Users can get a 7-day trial before they have to purchase the whole software product.

  1. Download the .zip file to an accessible location and unzip it. Run the installer present inside and install the application to your computer.
  2. Now restart your computer and launch Skype like you normally will. This time, a small new window will open alongside Skype and you have to press the red button to start recording. There will also be a visualization of your mic volume and the master volume.

Method 6: QuickTime (MacOS)

QuickTime is Apple’s flagship media player which made headlines at its time. The player allows you to record any screen on your Desktop without any hassle. All you have to do is launch the application, click File and select New Screen Recording from the list of options. From there you will be able to record any portion of the screen.

This method works quite well for video but it only records your side of the Skype conversion as it only has access to your mic. A workaround for this issue is turning the volume up on the speakers so QuickTime can also pick the other side of the conversation but this isn’t an ideal solution. There are also other options where you can route your system sounds through a visual audio interface but that is quite a task.


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