How to Print More Than One Slide on a Page

Microsoft Powerpoint can be used to make some really amazing and professional presentations. Now when you have to present the presentation, that should not be an issue as you can connect the laptop or computer with the screen for the audience to view. But in a place where you need printouts of a 50 plus slides presentation, you might want to rethink your printing options and would want to adjust as many slides on one page as possible. You cannot print one slide on one page. That looks very unprofessional in my opinion. It will not only increase the cost of printing

but will also make it very chaotic for you to distribute these book-like presentations to the audience. Instead, a better option is to print as many slides as possible on one page so that the page number for printouts decreases.

Adjusting More Than One Slide on One Single Page for Print

  1. Open an already existing presentation that you want to print or make a new presentation. I randomly created a presentation to show how you can adjust the slides on one page for printing.
    Open a presentation on Microsoft Powerpoint. The process for printing is the same for all of the versions so it doesn’t really matter which version of Powerpoint you are using
  2. Locate the file tab on the top toolbar as shown in the image below.
    Click the FIle tab on the top toolbar

    Here, you will find the tab for Print.

  3. When you click the cursor on print, your screen will look something like this now.
    Click on the Print tab under the File option to begin with Print settings and change the settings of the slides according to your requirements

    You will find all the options for printing. How many printouts you want to create, whether you want to print all the slides or only the selected ones. And the main option that we are talking about here is the one that says ‘Full page slides’.Under this option, the program gives you various options to choose from. This is where you can adjust more than one slide on one page when printing it out on an A4 sheet or any size sheet for that matter.

    Other options for printing include collated, that it, whether you want the sets of presentations to print all first pages in the first go, or want to print sets of complete presentations first. And lastly, the color pick, whether you want the print out to be in color, in black and grey scale or in black and white.

    Print all the slides, or just the current slide, or the selected slides, all these options are present right here under this tab
  4. Focusing on the number of slides you want to see on one page, click on the downward facing arrow in front of ‘Full Page Slides’.
    Pick the option which suits the best for your audience and according to your slides content

    This will open an expanded box in front of you which will give you various page layout options for your slides. You can choose the printing to happen with the slides only, or along with the notes that you have made on the softcopy of the slide. You can choose a landscape view or a vertical view for the printouts as well, depending on how you want the audience to see the slides as. You can have one slide on one page, which is not what I suggest, or you can have up to 9 slides on one page.

    Now when you are choosing how many slides you want to see on one printed page, you need to keep a few things in mind. Is the text readable enough when it gets printed? Is the slide too small for anyone to read? If the page is looking too cluttered with so many slides on one page? Remember always that as important as it is to present the presentation in the best possible manner, it is highly appreciable if you also print out the presentation in the best possible way to make the audience more involved in what you have to say. A bad print out of your presentation and a bad representation of your slides would put off the audience and would leave a bad impact on the audience. So to keep it all under control, and depending on the content of the slides and the text, choose wisely. Keep it readable and precise.

    With two slides on one page, it does look better than one slide on one page, however, there still is more room for slides on this page
    Vertically or horizontally, 6 slides seem like the perfect number of slides for one page
    Print the slides with the notes that you make on the software to add more details to your slides
    Try each option and see the preview to decide better
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How to Print More Than One Slide on a Page

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