How to Port the Galaxy Note 8 DualMessenger Feature to the Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 came with a feature called Dual Messenger, which allows you to use two separate accounts for the same messaging app. In a nutshell, it ‘installs’ a second version of the app with a separate icon, so you can easily launch both apps and use both accounts simultaneously, without logging out of one or the other. This feature was not included in the Galaxy S8, but luckily, we have a way to port it over. This guide will walk you through the required steps.

Please note this guide is only for the Galaxy S8/S8+ official ROM running Android Nougat 7.0! You also need a rooted Samsung Galaxy S8. Please see Appual’s guides “How to Root Galaxy S8 Exynos” or “How to Root Galaxy S8 Snapdragon”, depending on which Galaxy S8 version you have.


Java Runtime Environment 8.0 or above installed to your PATH (Link = official Java documentation, since there are different methods for different operating systems that cannot be covered in this guide)

Make sure you have a complete Nandroid backup of your device, using something like TWRP.

  1. The first thing we need to do is download Tickle My Android, because we are going to be decompiling your framework.jar and services.jar, replacing a few files inside them, and recompiling those files before porting them back to your device.
  2. Make sure you download the Tickle My Android file to the root of C:\ on your computer – not My Downloads, not My Documents, save it directly to the C:\. Run the extraction file, and Tickle My Android will create a new ‘Tickle My Android’ folder.
  3. Now we need to enable USB Debugging on your Galaxy S8. So on your phone, go into Settings > About Phone > tap Build Number 7 times until Developer Mode is unlocked, then go into Settings > Developer Options > enable USB Debugging.
  4. Now run the Tickle My Android .exe file from inside the main TMA folder, and connect your Galaxy S8 to your PC via USB. Now we need to pull the framework and services .jar files from your phone to your computer.

  1. In the TMA main menu, go to Theming > Pull Files from Device > choose ‘framework.jar’, and repeat the same process for ‘services.jar’. In the Workload1 folders in the main TMA directory, you will now see two new folders, these are the decompiled services.jar and framework.jar files.
  2. Now download the from the download links above this guide, and extract it to your desktop. Inside you will see a folder ‘framework.jar’, and inside that folder a file named “SemDualAppManager”. Copy that file over the one inside the decompiled folder in the TMA directory.
  3. Now go into the services.jar folder from the downloaded .zip, and copy the “DualAppManagerService” into the decompiled services.jar folder in the TMA directory.
  4. Finally go into the ‘app´folder of the downloaded .zip, and copy the “DAAgent” file to system/app directory on your device.

  1. Now in the TMA application, this time choose Theming > Recompile Files > Recompile App with Original Signature. On the next screen, just press N on your keyboard.
  2. The recompiled files will now be in “_WorkArea1\_out” folder in the TMA directory. So now we’re going to create flashable .zips that can be installed from TWRP recovery. So choose the option to create “Create Standard Zip File”,
  3. From TMA main menu, choose Create Flashable Zip File, and select the option to use files from the “_out” folder. When it outputs the .zip files, you can copy these to your Galaxy S8’s SD card, and flash them through TWRP!
  4. After you’ve flashed the .zips and rebooted your device, you can go into Settings > Advanced Features > Dual Messenger to begin using this new feature on your Galaxy S8.
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How to Port the Galaxy Note 8 DualMessenger Feature to the Galaxy S8

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