How to Play PS4 Games On Your PC Remotely

PlayStation Four, the latest incarnation of Sony’s famous faming system, introduced a brand new feature called Remote Play. This feature allows you to play full PlayStation 4 games on your computer, meaning you can play your games on your computer as long as your PlayStation has the v3.5 software and above, and a smooth Internet connection.

Playing Without a PS4

If you’re not committed enough to the PS4 ecosystem to purchase a PlayStation console, you can use a service known as PlayStation Now to enjoy limited PS4 services and features.

PS Now has a large catalog of more than 300 PlayStation 3 games which are available to play on a PC. Users also don’t have to completely download the game, as they are available to stream for those who have a quick Internet connection.

If you’re new to PS Now, you can enjoy the services for free for seven days. After this free trial period, users can pay $19.99 for a rolling one-month membership. You can also purchase three months of membership for $44.99. Those who want to rent just one game can pay $1.99 for hours of use, or anywhere up to $14.99 for 90-day usage.

Download PS Now

Head over to and you’ll see an option for ‘PS Now for Windows PC’. Click ‘Download Now’ and you’ll be given a software application to download.

Once the app is installed, log into your PlayStation account, connect a DualShock 4 wireless controller and you’ll be able to enjoy a PlayStation experience without the console.

PS Now is also available on Samsung Smart TVs and Sony Bravia TVs, meaning it’s possible to enjoy last generation games on your television without the need for any addition hardware. Just download the PS Now app from your TV’s app store, plug in your DualShock controller and sign into your PlayStation account!

Playing with Remote Play

If you already own a PS4, then you can play its large catalog of games without being in front of your television. The Remote Play feature allows you to wirelessly tap into your machine and play your games on your computer, using your Dualshock PS4 controller.

Required Computer Specifications

In order to play PS4 games on your computer, you’ll need specifications that are on par with the powerful console. You’ll need a Windows device running Windows 8.1 or later, or a Mac device that runs OS X 10.1 or later, or MacOS.

Your games will also need a screen with a high resolution and quick framerate to run games smoothly, though you can run games relatively smoothly on screens with just 360p resolution and a 30fps frame rate. You can also use screens 540p, 720p and higher.

Setting Up Remote Play

  1. Install Remote Play

The first step is to ensure that you have the Remote Play software installed on your PC or Mac. You can download the application file here:

Once the download has completed, open up the file and you will see the installer wizard on your screen. Click ‘next’ and follow all the on-screen prompts. It will lead to a loading screen and click ‘finish’ once it has completed.

  1. Perform a PS4 Update

Now you need to ensure that your PlayStation 4 has all the latest software. You can perform a software update easily. Just head over to the Settings menu, and choose System Software Update. This will take you to a loading screen if there is an update available. Wait until it reaches 100%. You will need to be running PS4 software version 3.5 to use Remote Play.

  1. Open Remote Play

Open up your PC or Mac and search for the PC Remote Play application. This is the software you’ll use to connect to your PlayStation 4. To use your controller, you will need to use a wired connection as the software does not support Bluetooth connection with your DualShock 4 controller.

Once you have connected your controller to your computer, click the ‘start’ button and the software will load.

  1. Log In

Logging into your PlayStation Network account will allow you to access information about your PlayStation 4, and connect to the device using your Internet connection. The account you log into must be the same as the account you use on your games console.

  1. Connect Your PC to the PS4

Once you are logged in, the app will begin looking for your PS4 device. This can take a few minutes while it searches for your details and connects to your network. If after three minutes the device has still not been found, then it could be that your PS4 has not been registered on your account as your primary console. Check your account on your PS4 to see if the device is registered as your primary console.

Failure to connect could also mean that your PS4 is switched off or in Rest Mode. Make sure the unit is switched on.

If the connection still doesn’t work, try manually connecting instead. On your PS4 settings menu, choose Remote Play Connection Settings and then choose Add Device. Here you will be asked to enter the number that the Remote Play app on your PS4 gives you. Enter it and it will find your console.

  1. Connection Complete

Once you’ve completed your connection, you’ll be given a screen where you can browse the PlayStation Store, as well as choose between a variety of games that are pre-loaded on your PS4.


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How to Play PS4 Games On Your PC Remotely

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