How to Pin a Post on Pinterest?

Pinterest is a great forum for anyone to keep all the pictures of their interest in one place. They can do this by ‘pinning’ the picture they like to a board. Now there are two ways to pin a picture. You either create a board first and, then pin a picture. Or, you pin a post and then assign it a board of your choice. You can do this by following the steps as mentioned below.

Creating a Board and then Pinning Down a Picture

  1. Sign in to your Pinterest Account. On your homepage, you will find a tab for ‘SAVED’. This is where all you current boards and pins will be showing. You need to click on ‘saved’.
    View all your boards, all your pins in one place and under different categories.
  2. Once you click on saved, you will be directed to another window where all your boards will show, and all the pins that you have pinned to date will show under the relevant board just as you have pinned it. You will find a ‘+’ tab right in the top corner which is an add button to create a board. Click on that.
    The plus ‘button’ is for the members to add a board.
  3. Now you will have to click on ‘Create board’ which is the first step of pinning down pictures on this board.
    Create board is the option you need to click on
  4. Fill in the details for your new board. Note: keep a name that will show you exactly what this board is about. This will help you keep your pins sorted.
    Think of a creative name for your board. Keep it simple and self-explanatory.
  5. Pinterest allows you to keep your board secret. This way, nobody on pinterest can view the pictures you have pinned down. For this option, you will have to switch on the button for ‘keep board secret’, which will turn green once it is switched on.
    Add the important details for your board. And select the option for keeping the board open to public or keep it just for your eyes.
  6. Congratulations! You have created the board. Now, the next step is to add pictures on your board. Once you open your created board, right below the empty spaces on your new board, you will find suggestions by the app for new pins.
    Since your board is empty, this is how your new board will appear with empty spaces.
    You can edit the board that you created. Arranging the pins in it according to order or alphabetically.
    Automatically, Pinterest will start suggesting you ideas that you can pin to the new board that you have just created
  7. When you see the option for ‘Find some ideas for this board’, and when you click on any of the pictures under it, you will be directed to a page of various pins.
    The plus is to add the image to your board, and the tick represents that it has been added.

    If you notice the arrows, you will see that there is a plus sign on the picture. If you click that plus sign on any picture here, you will basically pin it to the new board that you just created. And once it is pinned, it will turn into the red and white tick circle as shown in the picture above.

  8. Going back to your new board, you can recheck all the new pins that you have added to the board.
    The pin you clicked on in the previous step has been now added to your new board.

Pinning a Picture and then Creating a Board

  1. When you open your pinterest and sign it in. You will have all the recent posts or posts related to your search on your homepage. You can either click on any of the pictures directly, or you can keep viewing the picture as it appears on your homepage.
    Select any image that interests you or is relevant to the boards that you have ever created.
  2. When you open the picture, an icon for ‘save’ appears in red, in the right corner of the window, as shown below.
    The save button is another way of directly pinning a picture on Pinterest

Clicking on this save button, you will be shown options for boards in which you want to pin this picture in. You select one board, and that is it.

The boards that you have created till to-date will show here as options for you to choose from


  1. Another way of pinning a picture is, to keep your finger tapped to the picture unless these options appear in front of you like this.
    The pin button here will pin your post

Just like the previous step, you will be shown options of boards to choose from when you click on the pin icon. Look at the second image in the previous bullet point.

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