How to Open and View SWF Files

SWF (pronounced as ‘Swiff’) is an abbreviation for Small Web Format. It is an Adobe file format that is used for vector graphics, multimedia, and ActionScript. It can contain both, interactive text and graphics. These animation files are mostly used in online games played using a web browser.

SWF files format
SWF files

Adobe’s own products can create SWF files as well as other third-party software such as SWFTools, Ming, and MTASC. These files are mostly not supported by traditional media players and require either plugins or specific players to be installed.

Possible Ways to Open SWF Files

There are several methods to open SWF files ranging from command line interfaces to installing different plugins but we will only look at the most efficient and convenient ways to do so. Make sure that you have an administrator account and internet access. Chrome is also said to open SWF files but that doesn’t work in every case.

Prerequisites: Adobe Flash Player & .NET Framework

Most third-party software requires that you have Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer along with .NET Framework for you to play SWF files on your computer. These are the key ‘ingredients’ that most media players list as their requirement.

  1. You can download Adobe Flash Player from the official website and select the Chromium web engine option along with Windows 10/8.
Adobe Flash Player
Adobe Flash Player download
  1. You can also download .NET Framework from the official Microsoft website. Since we will be running applications, you should download the runtime and install it on your computer. To be on the safe side, download both, the entire framework and the core.
.NET Core/Framework download Windows 10
.NET Core/Framework download

Method 1: Installing SWF File Player (Windows)

There are numerous third-party players which run SWF files but SWF File Player ranks top amongst them. It is simple and gets work done with no hassle at all. You can also set additional parameters while playing the SWF file from your computer.

Note: Appuals is not in any way affiliated with any third-party software. The packages listed here are solely for the knowledge of the user.

  1. Navigate to SWF File Player official website and download the package to an accessible location on your computer.
  2. Now install the SWF File player on your computer after agreeing to all conditions.
Installing SWF FIle Player - Windows 10
Installing SWF FIle Player – Windows 10
  1. Now click on Open and navigate to the SWF file which you are trying to play. Once the file is loaded up, you will be given different parameters to select. If you want to set the default ones, just press Play.
Playing SWF Files - SWF File Player in Windows 10
Playing SWF Files – SWF File Player
  1. The SWF file will now be played in the player.

This method was for Windows users. If you are using a Mac, it is recommended that you check out Method 2 since Adobe is more stable and trustworthy than any other third-party software. However, if that doesn’t work for you, here is a list of different players available:

  • Elmedia player
  • SWF & FLV player
  • You can also open the SWF files by opening it with Safari.

Method 2: Download Flash Player Projector (Windows and Mac)

Flash Player Projector is another way to open SWF files. Since most SWF files are made through Adobe software, the company has developed a projector to play all the SWF files instantly just like any other player.

  1. Navigate to Debug Downloads site of Adobe and download the Flash Player Projector as shown below.
Adobe Flash Player Projector download Windows 10
Adobe Flash Player Projector download
  1. Now run the projector and select File > Open and navigate to the location and select the SWF file.
Opening SWF Files - Adobe Flash Player Projector Windows 10
Opening SWF Files – Adobe Flash Player Projector
  1. The SWF file will now be played. For Apple, you can navigate further bottom in the website and download the Mac version.

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How to Open and View SWF Files

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