How to Move from BB10 to Android?

While BlackBerry will continue offering limited support for its secure BB10 operating system, it appears to have accepted that the software can no longer achieve popular consumer support as a result of its lack of apps. As a result, the company is now producing Android-based devices.

If you’re one of the many BlackBerry users moving onto one of the company’s new Android handsets – or you’re making the move to another Android manufacturer – you’ll no doubt be glad to know that there is a way you can migrate all of your personal data, contacts and media from your BB10 device to an Android handset.

What Can I transfer?

Using the BlackBerry Content Transfer app on your handsets, you will be able to transfer your contacts, calendar schedule, email accounts, documents, BlackBerry Remember notes, text messages, music, videos and pictures.

Here’s how you do it, in simple steps.

  1. Prepare Your Android Device

If you’re upgrading to a BlackBerry Priv, then you will be prompted to use the Setup Wizard, which takes you through the BlackBerry Content Transfer app. If you are using another Android device, however, you can download the application from the Google Play Store.

  1. Open the App

Open up the BlackBerry Content Transfer app and choose ‘This is My New Device. Press ‘next’ and you will be offered the chance to transfer content using Google Drive, Android’s cloud service. You can also press ‘Use Another Method’ to transfer data using Wi-Fi or a Micro SD card.

  1. Add Your Google Account

Now, choose your Google account. If you don’t already have a Google account setup, choose ‘Add Account’ and type in your details.

  1. Switch On Your BB10 Device

Now you’re ready to start preparing your BlackBerry 10 device. Head over to the official BlackBerry World app store and download the BlackBerry Content Transfer app.

  1. Prepare Your Handset

To prepare your BlackBerry handset, tap the ‘Settings’ button and choose ‘Security and Privacy’. From there, choose ‘Encryption’ and tap ‘Device Encryption’. In here, you’ll need to turn off device encryption to complete the transfer.

  1. Starting the Transfer

On your BB10 device, go back to the BlackBerry Content Transfer app. In the app, press ‘Next’ twice and then log into your Google account. The account must be the same as the account you entered into the application on your Android handset. Choose ‘Allow’ and then choose the data that you want to transfer. Press ‘Start’.

  1. Create a Password

You will be asked to create a password that will protect your data as it is transferring. Once you do this, the transfer will begin and the data you select will begin uploading to your Google Drive account. Once it’s complete, you’ll be presented with a button that reads ‘Finished’. Press it.

  1. Back to Your Android Device

Pick up your Android device again and open up the Content Transfer app. Enter the password that you created moments ago and then press ‘Next’.

  1. Finalizing

Now, the transfer will take place and all data you chose to transfer will be automatically placed onto your device.
Recreating BlackBerry’s Experience

Now you have transferred your data from your BB10 device to your Android handset, there are things you’ll need to do in order to feel at home. If you’re using a BlackBerry Android device, you will have the BlackBerry Hub pre-installed. If you are using a non-BlackBerry handset, you can download the BlackBerry suite from the Google Play Store.

  1. Find the Hub

If you don’t already have the BlackBerry Hub installed, head over to the Google Play Store and download the full BlackBerry suite.

  1. Assess Your Accounts

If you chose to transfer your accounts, then they should appear on your BlackBerry Hub, assuming you are running a BlackBerry Android device. If you are using a device form another manufacturer, then you will need to add your accounts to the BlackBerry Hub. This is really easy.

  1. Find Account Settings

Swipe down from the top of your device and choose the gear icon. This will take you to ‘Settings’, where you can choose ‘Accounts’.

  1. BlackBerry Hub Accounts

Choose ‘Add Account’ and then tap ‘BlackBerry Hub Account’. This will allow you to set up your email or social media account directly within the hub, which operates outside of regular Google email apps. You will be asked to enter your email address. Do it, and tap ‘Next’. Then enter your password and press ‘Next’. Choose the remaining options and press ‘Next’.

  1. Name Your Account

You can name your account so that it is easier to find when you open your BlackBerry Hub. You can also choose a color in this menu, which makes it even easier to flick through your accounts when using the Hub app.


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