BEST GUIDE: How to Monitor/Limit Mobile Netflix Data Usage

Video consumption and streaming of videos consumes large chunk of your allocated data pretty quickly. Making and Receiving video calls over the internet, will also consume the same amount of data that you would consume watching a movie. When it comes to streaming and watching videos, over phones/tablets where data is provided by the network provider, data is almost always limited and expensive which is why many users prefer to stream/watch videos when they’re connected to Wi-Fi and this is the reason most streaming apps including NetFlix has provides the user to choose “Quality” settings. When the quality is low, data consumption is significantly reduced. Coming back to Netflix; Generally here’s what you would consume with these quality settings:

A low quality video will roughly consume 300 MB (0.3 GB) per hour.
A medium quality video will roughly consume 700 MB (0.7 GB) per hour.
A HD quality video will roughly consume 3000 MB (3 GB) per hour.
A Ultra HD quality video will roughly consume 7000 MB (7 GB) per hour.

Now you know what effect quality has, knowing this let’s move forward. If you are running the Netflix app on your phone, tablets or any other smart device you will the option to switch to set the app to stream only when it’s connected to Wi-Fi. If you’d like to do this then open the app and go to Settings and put a check on “Wi-Fi Only”. If you’d like to stream on cellular data, then you can uncheck the “Wi-Fi Only” option.

netflix data usage-1

Additionally, if you’d like to change quality settings on your NetFlix account, then login to and choose Your Account from the profile menu. Then choose Playback Settings, and change the quality mode for videos.


Also check out this guide for monitoring data usage on iPhone/iPads.

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BEST GUIDE: How to Monitor/Limit Mobile Netflix Data Usage

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