How to: Monitor Data Usage on iPhone or iPad

Data usage is a critical component of today’s smart phones, tablets and devices. In this guide, we’ll talk about iPhone and iPads. Technically, both runs a similar operating system (iOS) for which the apps are same, so we’ll refer to both the devices as iDevices. Keeping an iDevice means, data usage because without “data” (the internet), iDevice is useless, with the data there comes the cost. Most people, who have data plans with their network or phone providers are provided limited bandwidth specially on the ones provided by phone providers and gsm operators. Once they exceed data, the cost outside their plans increases by almost tenfold which  is why it is very important to keep track of how much data is being used, and to stop using it when it is about to hit the cap or reaches the limit.

The easiest, quickest and detailed method of keeping track of your data is to use the app called “My Data Manager” which is a free app. There are many others as well, but i’d recommend this one because it provides both the Wi-Fi and Cellular Data Usage Statistics. It also tells you how much should you be using daily to utilize over a month and it also remind you when you’ve utilized all your data.

To get started with using it, on your iDevice tap “App Store” and in the “App Store” search for My Data Manager. Once it returns the results, tap the “GET” icon to download it. Wait for it to finish installation. Once done, tap the App to open it and set it up. See the image, below to understand how the app functions.

iphone data monitor-1

After the app has been downloaded, open it by tapping on it’s  icon.

iphone data monitor-2

Once the app is open, you can easily configure it as per your data plan settings, billings and set reminders etc. The app also allows you to start from data already used, if you don’t know how much you’ve used, then you can call your provider to ask and  they will be able to tell you. Once you know the figure in MBs or GBs you can then set it up.


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How to: Monitor Data Usage on iPhone or iPad

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