How to Modify Miui ROMs for Flashing Without Tripping ARB

Since the latest Xiaomi devices have ARB (anti-rollback protection) built into Miui, many users have either accidentally bricked their Xiaomi devices, or are afraid of flashing new ROMs.

In this simple Appuals guide we will show you how to edit Miui ROMs so you can flash them without bootloader (ie without firmware-update) which will prevent the possibility of bricking your Xiaomi device.

Please note this guide is only intended for Xiaomi official Miui-based ROMs. We offer no guarantee it will work with custom, third-party Miui-based ROMs. It probably can work, but its entirely up to you if you will try it – again, we make no guarantees.

There are two methods of doing this, on PC or Android.


PC Method

Open the ROMs .zip file (don’t extract it, just browse the .zip) and remove both the META-INF and the firmware-update folders.

Delete the highlighted folders inside the zip.

Download one of the meta-inf folders from Downloads section of this guide and place it inside the .zip

You can now move this modified ROM .zip file to your Xiaomi phone and flash it.

Android Method

For this you can use either FX File Explorer or MiXplorer.

First long-press on the ROM zip file, then use the archive extractor to extract it to a separate folder.

Extract the ROM archive.

Delete the META-INF and firmware update folders from the extracted output.

Copy over one of the META-INF folders from the Downloads section above.

Long-press on the entire extracted folder, and choose to re-archive it. Make sure you choose to “Store without compressing” or else it will not flash properly!

Now you can flash your modified archive from inside TWRP or similar.

Fastboot ROMs

For Fastboot ROMs, you just need to extract the ROM on your PC.

Then add the fastboot scripts from the Download section to the extracted ROM’s folder.

You can then run the script you want to use, like the flash_all.bat to flash everything and wipe data – alternatively, you can use MiTool to flash it.


Kamil Anwar

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