How to Map a Network Drive in Windows 10

If you have a shared folder or a server sharing stuff on your network then you would want to map it as a network drive for ease. The process is almost similar to other versions of Windows, but due to the change in User Interface some users may find it a little difficult.

Therefore, in this guide we will list the steps to map a network drive.

You can map any shared folder as a network drive and access it easily from Windows Explorer.

How to Map a Network Drive in Windows 10

Hold the Windows Key and Press R and choose This PC from the left pane. Then click on Map Network Drive from the top bar.


Click Map network drive under the Computer If the Computer tab is hidden, clicking on Computer menu will bring it back. In the resulting dialog window, choose the drive letter you want to use for this network location.

Note: The default drive letter is “Z”. You can choose any available drive letter. However, it is better to leave it this way, as it will not mix up with your fixed and removable drives letters.

In the Folder text box, type the address of the network location starting with double backslashes. It is often convenient to click the Browser button and point to the desired network location.


When you have selected the desired network location, click OK. If you want the Windows to connect automatically to this network location when you sign-in, check the checkbook labelled Reconnect at sign-in.

If you want to use different credentials to connect this network location, check the checkbox labelled Connect using different credentials and type the required credentials when prompted. Click Finish to complete the process.

This handy feature allows you to map as many network drives as you like. You can also create shortcuts of mapped drives and move them to your desktop.

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How to Map a Network Drive in Windows 10

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