How To Make Labels and Sub-Labels in Gmail

Making folders, whether it is your email, or you laptop, saves you the time you would otherwise take when finding an important file. Just how you keep your closets and drawers organised, you can now do the same for your email as well. Gmail allows its users to make folders for their incoming mails in a way which would be very beneficial for the users. Everything can be categorised according to their importance in your mail, and can be sorted by folders and sub-folders. Here is how you can make a folder on gmail.

Creating Labels and Sub-Labels on Gmail

Sign in to your Gmail Account.Add your log in details on Gmail and login. Once you have logged on to your gmail account, on the right side of the window, nearer to where the emails are placed, you will see the icon for settings. Click that. Clicking on this icon will show you a set of options to choose from. One of these options will be titled ‘Settings’.

locating the settings option

Click On Settings from the options that you now see.Clicking on Settings, will direct you to another detailed page with more options that will help you in managing your gmail.


Click on Labels. A list of system labels will appear in front of you. If you scroll down the same window, you will find the option ‘create new label’, click on that now.

Labels option
Creating a new label

Fill Details in ‘New Label box’. When you click on ‘create new label’ tab, a ‘New Label’ box will appear. You need to fill in the name of the new label that you want to create and can also make it a subheading/nest label for an already existing label on your gmail. For instance, let’s create a new label titled ‘Email for work’. Now creating a nest label is an option for you. You can add it like another branch of an existing label, or create a completely independent one.

adding details for a new label

Once you have filled in the details, click the ‘create’ tab to create your new label.

new label created

Your new label has been created and now you can categorize your emails according to your labels.

If you go back to your home page for gmail account, you will notice on your left that a new tab has been created for the new label or a new folder that you just made.

new tab for new label

How to Edit Labels on Gmail

If you take your cursor on the new label that you just created, which in this case is ‘Email For Work’, you will notice three vertical dots at the right end of ‘Email For Work’ tab which is one the left of your gmail homepage.
Clicking on these three dots, will direct you to a list of options to choose from. These options are basically the actions you can take for the new label you just created. You can change the color of the label, to make it stand out.You can show and hide emails in the label, you can add a sublabel which will be very helpful in managing your emails in this one label. You can also delete your label from here.

Easier way of accessing edit options for your label

Sub labels can only be made if you have created a label in the first place. You cannot make a label for an already inbuilt folder of Gmail. For instance, you cannot create a sublabel for the label ‘promotions’ or make promotions a sublabel for you own labels.

But what you CAN do is, if you have created more than one labels, you CAN sublabel one or more under one label. For this again, you need to go back to the settings>labels.

Now where you created your new label, you would see the option of edit in the opposite side of the name.

Editing labels

Click on edit, and you will get an option to nest this label under another label, and make this a sublabel for another label that you created.

You can label and sublabel your labels from here

Click save.

Now to see how your labels and sublabels are arranged, you should go back to your homepage for gmail and see that your sublabel is under your label and is a little indented.

Labels and sublabels organized

The same can be done for making a sublabel a label. For this, all you have to make sure is don’t ‘check’ the ‘nest label under’ option that appears when you are editing your label.

It is simple, if you check/select the ‘nest label under’ option, it will become a subfolder/sublabel. And if you don’t check/select the ‘nest label under’ option, it will remain a label or the main folder that you want your files in.

When emails are in the label or sublabel and haven’t been read by you yet, the text of the title of the label becomes bold in text. This is a way of informing the user that they have mail in their label which still has to be opened.


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