How to Make a Spider Web on Adobe Illustrator

Working with Adobe Illustrator can be so much fun with so many useful tools to play with when designing something as simple as a spider web. Designing a spider web might look like a difficult task to you, with so many edges and curves, you might get confused about which tool would be the easiest way out. While there is the pen tool, with which you can manually draw the web, or, you can use the shapes tool and a few effects to make the spider web with a lot of ease. Follow the steps as mentioned below to make yourself a beautiful look spider web which can be used to make any of your designs.

  1. After opening Adobe Illustrator to an empty artboard, you need to select the shape tool from the side panel for tools on Illustrator. By default, the shape tool has a rectangular shape, but if you right click on it, you will be shown all the shapes options for you to choose from. Select the Ellipses too from the list. To make a spider web, you need more than one circle.
    Shape tool
  2. Draw a circle with the ellipses tool that you just selected. Just keep the outline color for it. You don’t need to have a fill color since we are making a web. You can always change the color for the web depending on your creativity and your design. This, that is the first circle will be larger in size than the rest of the circles that we will make.
    Using the ellipses tool to make a circle
  3. Now start making small circles on the line for the first circle. The number of these tiny circles should be an even number to keep the sectioning of the web balanced. So for my spider web, I drew 12 small circles and adjusted the shape according to space. You can also make some circles slightly different in size in comparison to other just for a little diversity.
    Make smaller circles

    Another thing that you need to pay attention to is that the small circles are perfectly aligned with the big circle. This means that the center of the small circle should lie on the line of the big circle. And secondly, the small circles should not have space in between them. They should be closely placed and should not overlap.

    Adjust them on the line for the bigger circle

    Now that I have completed editing the circles, this is how my complete shape looks like.

    Don’t make the smaller circles overlap
  4. Completing the steps above is a little tiring because you have to be so sure about the lines and the center and space. The next steps for making a spider web are pretty easy and do not require much from you. Now, select all of the circles that you have drawn. And from the pathfinder tool on the right, you need to click on the second option, which says ‘Minus Front’
    Select all
    Minus Front

    This will remove the part of small circles from the big circle, making an outline perfect for the web we are making. The minute you enter the ‘Minus Front’ tab, the small circles will disappear and your shape will now look something like this.

    The first layer for the spider web created

This is your first layer of the web.

  1. There are two ways to go about the next few steps. You can either copy the first layer of the web that we created and alter the shape manually by decreasing the size and adjusting the angle according to the outer layer as shown in the image below.
    copy shape

    Or, you can click right on the shape that we created, click on ‘Transform’, which will show us more options for the shape, and click on Scale.

    Or, Scale it

    This will open a dialogue box for us to make a few settings for the ‘scaling’ effect that we want to give the shape.

    Dialogue box for scale

    Here, in the percentage for uniform, if you want to scale the image to a larger size, you will increase the percentage. And for a smaller size, you will decrease the percentage. To create a larger copy of the layer, I wrote 130% in the space for Uniform. And for a smaller web layer, I wrote 70%. You can always change these numbers everytime according to your requirements of the shape.

    Layers for the spider web
  2. To make the sections of the web, you will select the line tool from the left tools panel.
    Line Segment Tool

    To create a center for the web. I created one long line from one corner to another opposite corner. And for the rest of the corners, I just drew half lines from one corner to the center so that the center would appear perfect.

    Spider Web completed

    Your spider web is ready to be used.

Habiba Rehman
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