How to Make a Profile Video on Facebook

A profile picture on Facebook is used as a recognition of your account. People can now, put up videos in place of their profile picture. Just how previously we could put up short videos of us on our Snapchat profiles. Interestingly, the process of making this profile video is not as difficult s you think it would be. Follow the steps as mentioned below and you’ll find your way to making a profile video. This tutorial is for iOS users only. So all those iPhone users, be prepared to make your first Profile Video for Facebook.

  1. Sign in to your Facebook account from your phone. Go to your profile page. By default, when you sign in to your Facebook from the website or the app, you see the newsfeed first. You need to click on the icon for your name on the top right corner to go to your profile where you can see your cover photo, your profile picture, your friends and basically everything about you. Here, you need to click on the camera like icon which is on the bottom of your profile pictures shown in the image below.
    The camera-like icon is what you need to click on to change a profile [icture, to remove a profile picture, or to even add a profile video.
  2. When you click on this icon, Facebook asks you what action do you want to take. You can choose an image or a video, or you can add a frame to your current profile picture from here. Now since we want to add a profile video, we will choose the first option.
    ‘Select profile picture or video’, this is what you need to choose when you want to change your profile picture or add a video instead to your profile image.


  3. Facebook will now direct you to another screen where it will show you all the options of pictures you can choose from. The pictures you uploaded, the pictures and videos tagged of you and the frames that can be used for your profile pictures. To add a video, however, you will again have to click on the camera like icon which is in the top right corner of this screen. Look at the next image to see where you can find this icon.
    The icon for the camera is right next to the title of the screen which says ‘select photo or video’.
  4. Facebooks camera will open on the screen of your phone and will ask for your permission to access the camera of your phone and the microphone. Click OK both the times when this dialogue box pops up on your iPhones screen.
    If you do not give Facebook permission to access your phone’s camera and microphone, you will be unable to make a video for your profile. So if you want to make a profile video, you will have to tap on OK both the times which white dialogue box appears. the first tie it asks permission for the camera, and the second time it asks permission for the microphone.


  5. Once the permission has been granted by you, you can now use this screen to make a video. You need to tap on the video camera icon which is on the right side of the screen. As soon as you tap the video camera icon, the circle in the center turns to the right and the color changes to red. To start making a video, you just need to adjust the camera on your face, whether it is the front camera that you want to use or the back camera, and tap on the red circle in the center to start recording your profile video. To stop recording, you have to tap on the red circle again and instantly, you will be directed to another screen. Note: When you start recording the video, you will notice a timer for the video that will start as soon as the video recording begins. This is an indication that your video is now being recorded.
    start recording by clicking the red circle. To stop recording, this is the same circle that you need to tap on.


  6. The minute you stop recording by tapping the red circle again, your video is made and now Facebook asks you if you want to use this video as your profile video or you want to cancel it. You can always make new videos if you are not happy with your current video. Clicking on use will make it your profile video.
    If you want to make the video that you just recorded with your phone, your profile video for Facebook, then click on ‘Use’, as shown in this image.

Facebook has introduced a fun way of representing yourself on your profile. These videos can be a good way of introducing yourself to new people.



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