How To Make A Folder on Your Computer

Folders, help you keep your laptop/computers/tab and pretty much any gadget organized. You can make folders, sub folders and sub-sub folders to keep everything in an order. You can locate these folders easily from the search bar on your computer. You can title each folder with the kind of data it has so that it is easier for you to find things. For example, when I was in college, I had 6 folders for all the subjects I had taken. And each subject folder had more folders, different for assignments, test, project and so on. This helped me ‘A LOT’ when my finals were approaching as I had everything organized and under control.

Making folders on a computer is easy. Follow the steps that I have mentioned below and make as many folders as you like.

Choose a location for your folder

You need to be on that location or that folder, where you want to create another folder should be open right in front of you. This will save you the time you will otherwise have to waste in copy-pasting or moving the folder from one location to another. I chose my desktop for this.

Desktop is my location for this example.

Right Click on your Screen

Clicking right on your computer screen will show you these options. View, sort by, refresh and more. Here, you will find new which will have an added arrow with it. Click on it or bring our cursor on it, either way, the options for ‘New’ will appear.

Right click on a folder to find these options. ‘New’ is what we are looking for when we want to create a ‘new folder’ on a computer.
Right click on the folder and then New>Folder.

Click on ‘Folder’

The minute you click folder, a ‘New Folder’ will appear on the screen like this.

Your folder has been made. You can change the name and location after it has been made.

Your folder has been created now. If you want to rename your folder, you can right click on the folder and click the options for ‘rename’. The title of the folder will get selected, and then you can add your text or title that you want to recognize the folder as.

The option for ‘Rename’ helps you change the name of your folder whenever you like.

You can move this folder to another location as well.

Click right on the folder you just created and locate the option for ‘cut’ here.

The options that appear when you click right on a folder.

From the options that appear, click ‘cut’.A shorthand for ‘cut’ is ‘ CTRL + x’ for android laptops, and ‘Command + x’ for Apple laptops.
When you click ‘cut’, the folders opacity will reduce and will look like this.

Cutting an image, a file or a folder will reduce its opacity like this to show that it has been cut

Go to the location you want the folder to be in , click right again here, and from the options that appear now, click paste.

A shorthand for paste is ‘ CTRL +V’ for android laptops, and ‘Command + v’ for Apple laptops.

Your new folder will be moved to a new location.

Your folder just found a new location for itself.

Sent to, is another option for ‘copying’ a folder to another location on your drive. But this will not move it from the original location, unless you delete it from there.

Send to is another way of moving your folder, but it moves a duplicate to the new location

I suggest, that ‘Send to’ should only be used when you need to keep your folder in two places for your own ease. For example, if you need to us a folder again and again, you can us send to for that or make a short cut for it.

Did you know that the location and the name of the folder is not all that you can edit. You can also edit the icon for a folder. Right now, the icon of the folder that we just created looks like a file. We can change this and make it something different than the usual icons that we see on our laptops.

Finding the options for changing the Icon of a folder.

When you right click on a folder, you will find ‘Properties’ right at the end of this. Click that and it will redirect you to this window.

customizing your way out

The next step here it so click on customize, as shown in the above picture.

Change Icon

Next, click on ‘Change Icon’.

Choose an icon from the options given

You are now free to choose any icon from these options. And after you choose one, click OK, then Apply and then OK again, to finalize your choice. This is how your new folders icon will look like.

Doesn’t that look nice?
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How To Make A Folder on Your Computer

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