How to Leave Group Chats on iPhone

Group messages have good concept and they are a great way to organize a trip with your friends or family or a surprise party. This seems an efficient way that lets us talk and discuss all together in one place at the time. It saves us a lot of trouble for we don’t waste time to text people one by one. But they can also be annoying  and  sometimes the messages keep bothering you and won’t let you relax and get a moment peaceful. Help is at hand if you want to remove yourself from a group text but you don’t know how to do it. Keep reading and we’ll show you how to leave or mute a group message on iPhone. Be sure that the group you want to leave is on messenger to avoid any confusion. This is how you can leave a iMessage group entirely  and you’ll not receive any messages sent to that conversation

Step #1

Open your messages app and select the group conversation you want to delete.

Step #2

Tap on Details and at the bottom of the list “Leave this Conversation” then Done.

leave the conversation
leave the conversation

This option works for group of people more than four, if not the leave option will be grayed out.

Mute the Conversation

If you want to be in that group but don’t want to keep getting messages and rings on your iphone then you can easily mute the group following this easy steps.

Step #1

Open the group conversation you want to mute.

Step #2

Tap on the contacts at the top of the conversation.

Step #3

Tap on the gray “i” (info) button that appears right under the group.

Step #4

Scroll at the bottom and tap on “Hide Alerts” toggle to ON.

You won’t get a notification each time someone sends a new message but you will be able to read it.

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How to Leave Group Chats on iPhone

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