How to Keep Your Digital Collection of Photos Organized

Whether you are a selfie queen or not, you are bound to have thousands of pictures on your phone. You wither love screenshot-ing images from Pinterest, or your friends keep sending your memes on Whats App, keeping you entertained of course. Now when you have so many photos on your phone, there is a high possibility that your phone loses the space and your phone slows down a little bit. Just how we keep our room and our desk organized, you can keep your phone organized too, by organizing these photos that would help you use your gadget, whether it is your phone or your laptop, in a better and more productive way.

The following are a few amazing ideas as to how you could keep all your pictures sorted.

  1. There must be a lot of people reading this who are already part of more than on groups on Whats App, because of which, they probably have more than one copy of the same image in their gallery. Happens to me all the time. Now since leaving the groups is not an option, here is what I do, delete all the copies and keep one of each photo saved on my phone. Yes, it is going to take a few minutes for you, but then, you’ll be freeing so much space in your phone which can help the running of your phone and make it even more smooth than before.
  2. Previously, when I was not really a tech-savvy person, I always emailed all the images in the phone to my email ID. Besides the fact that I didn’t know much about technology back then,  programs and websites like Google Driver and Dropbox were not yet introduced to the world at that time. And my savior back then was my email account. And now since I have a whole lot of pictures in my email, I can organize all those photos by making a unique label along with a folder on my email account and add all these old emails from my mail to this folder to keep it all safe in one place.
  3. Using Instagram, you might be aware of the ‘share’ feature on it which helps you share your pictures to all your other accounts like your account on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms that you are on. This is another savage way of organizing all your favorite photos by just uploading it on one of the many social networking forums and linking your accounts to automatically share it on the other networks. This has to be one of the easiest ways of handling your photos on all social networking websites.
  4. If you fear that your phone will get a virus, will get stolen or might just fall on the floor and break, then you must back up all your images on online picture forums like Flickr and Google Photos. When you upload all your photos on these websites, you can keep your gadgets clean by deleting everything from your phone because you can easily access these through these helpful websites. I would personally like to share an experience, where I was part of this program and obviously they could not email each student their picture of the Graduation event. So, the clever move that they made was that they uploaded all the photos for the Graduation day on and shared the link through email with all the students who were part of that program only. This not only kept the photos secure but made it easier for every student to find their images and download them easily. You can do this for your photos as well. For instance, you clicked a gazillion photos of a friends wedding, and couldn’t share it with all of them, so instead, you uploaded them on Google Photos or Flickr, and shared the link with all your friends.
    Google Photos
  5. While Google has a separate app for photos, that is Google Photos, you can also keep all your pictures safe in Google Drive if you want to. Also, another similar program, that is Dropbox, can also be utilized for this purpose. This is one of the most intelligent ways to save all your pictures on an online forum as it not only helps you keep your data secure on your account, but also acts as a backup for all that you have on your phone or your laptop.
    Google Drive
  6. Technology is becoming an important part of our lives. And considering that most of us belong to the generation when pictures were clicked and developed, instead of being uploaded, so we can create a back up for those hard copies as well. For this, you would have to scan all the old family images and secure them on one of the websites or applications as mentioned above. Luckily, technology has saved us from losing all the good memories which could not have been shared otherwise with the world.
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How to Keep Your Digital Collection of Photos Organized

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