How to Italicize Text in Skype

In today’s day and age, every social platform aims to provide its users with every single feature and functionality they could possibly require, and this includes the ability to apply special formatting to text. When we talk about special formatting, we talk about making text display as bolditalic or strikethrough, as well as quite a few other things. Skype is undoubtedly one of the most popular social platforms that exist today, and that being the case, Skype also offers the ability to format text in a number of different ways to its users. When sending messages on any version of Skype on any device and on any Operating System, users can italicize their text quite easily.

To italicize text on Skype, you need to simply:

  1. Start by typing an underscore (_).
  2. Type whatever word(s) or sentence(s) you want to have displayed as italic after you type the underscore (_).
  3. Once you have typed in whatever word(s) or sentence(s) you want italicized in Skype, type another underscore (_) at the end.
  4. Press Enter or click/tap on the Send button to send the message. 

The text won’t show up italicized while it still rests inside the Type a message here box, but once you send it, it will be displayed as italic to both you and the recipient(s) of the Instant Message.

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How to Italicize Text in Skype

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