How to Insert and Delete Entire Rows and Columns on Microsoft Excel

If you are using Microsoft Excel, you might want to know how easily you can add an entire row or column on Microsoft Excel, and also delete these, following simple steps. If you want to learn how to do this, you should follow the steps as mentioned below.

Deleting Columns in Microsoft Excel

  1. Open a file with data or create a new one.
    Open Microsoft Excel on your Laptop with data, or enter data to a new file.
  2. Select the column that you want to delete from your Excel sheet. You can select the entire column, or just one cell from the column, either way, you will be able to delete the column. Now click the right cursor on the cell or column that you selected.
    Right click on the selected cell or the selected column that you want to delete
  3. Locate the option for ‘Delete…’, which will be the sixth option from the top. When you click on delete, a dialogue box will appear on the screen asking you to choose one of the four options.
    Delete Dialogue Box

    You can either shift the cells up or towards the left. Or, you can delete the entire rows and columns. Since we are deleting a column here, we will select the option for entire column and click the OK tab.

    Delete entire column

    This will delete the selected column or the column in which that certain cell was placed.

Deleting Rows in Microsoft Excel

  1. Follow the same steps as mentioned for deleting a column. Instead of selecting an entire column, you will select a row that you want to delete.
    Select the row you want to delete. Selecting one cell in the row would be sufficient as well.
  2. And instead of choosing the option ‘Entire Column’, you will check the option which says ‘Entire Row’, in the box that appears after you click ‘Delete…’.
    Delete entire row

Inserting Columns in Microsoft Excel

The most important part about adding or deleting a column or a row is to select a cell in the row or column you want to delete or select the entire row or column with the cursor. That is again what we will do to insert a column to our Excel sheet.

  1. Select a column or a cell for the column.
  2. Click the right cursor on the selected cell or column.
    Right click on the cell, and find these options.

    Locate the option for ‘Insert’ here. Click on this to insert a new column to your file.

    Insert an Entire Column

    Select the option in the box for Insert, that says ‘Entire Column’, under the heading Insert. The minute you press the OK button, an entire Column will be added to the left of the cell that you had selected. A column is inserted on an Excel sheet on the left side by default. So to add the column in the right place, make sure you select the right cell. It is possible you would make mistakes here. So just select a cell towards your right so that you can adjust the place for a column towards your left.

    Column added

Inserting Rows in Microsoft Excel

To insert a row in Microsoft Excel, all the steps are the same as mentioned for Adding a column. The only difference is the selection of a cell that you make.

  1. To add a row, select the cell above which an entire row will be added.
  2. Select the option in the Insert Box for ‘Entire Row’ instead of ‘Entire Column’ as we did to add a column.
    Select the option for Entire Row
  3. Clicking on OK will insert an entire row above the cell that you selected.
    A row has been added

Why Would Anyone Need to Add or Delete Columns or Rows?

When working on Microsoft Excel, there are chances that you either add an extra row or column of information that might not be needed for the document, and is taking up space on the file making it look unprofessional, in such a situation, a user for Excel might want to delete this row or column of information as it is not needed, and is not important for the rest of the sheet.

On the other hand, the need for adding a row or column on an Excel Sheet could arise at any time throughout the working year. For instance, your company might have added another product to their range, and for that, you can add an entire column or an entire row, to enter data for the new product and compare it with the others on the Excel sheet.

Both, Insert and Delete options are accessed by clicking the right cursor on a selected cell. This makes it easier for the user to remember where to go when you need to delete or insert a row or column.


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