How to Hide Likes on Facebook

You can control many actions on your Facebook account, according to your requirements. Just how you can hide who can see your list of friends on Facebook, you can also control who should be allowed to see what all pages that you have liked. For people who like to keep things on Facebook private, might enjoy reading this article as it will help them hide their likes on Facebook.

What ‘Likes’ Can You Hide?

If you have noticed, Facebook has a huge variety of likes, that can be categorized under Movies, TV shows, Music, Favourite Books, Restaurants and a bunch of more categories, under which you can add the things that you like, including favorite games, interest, and clothing.

Because all of your likes have been divided into categories, this helps you control, which likes out of the mentioned ‘LIKES’, can you keep open for the public to see, and which ones can you hide from the people whom you don’t want to see these. For instance, if you have a favorite TV Show, and you don’t want people to view this ‘like’ of yours, you can hide the whole category of TV Shows and not just the individual TV Show that you have liked.

Still don’t get how it’s done? Follow the steps below which will not only help you understand what ‘Likes’ you can hide, but it will also show you how it is done.

  1. Sign in to your Facebook account. You will be directed to your homepage where you can see all your Facebook newsfeed.
    Sign in to Facebook to start editing your Likes
  2. Click on your names Icon, which is in the right top corner bar.
    Click on your name
  3. Now you are on your page, with your profile picture, your wall, and your cover photo right in front of you. Find the option for ‘More’ right below where your cover photo is, as shown in the picture below.
    Locate the tab for ‘more’.
  4. Clicking on more shows you all the categories that Facebook has made to make the working of Facebook easier for you. You will find the tab for ‘Like’ here, click on that next.
    Click on ‘likes’
  5. Clicking on ‘Like’, from the ‘more’ menu, will now show you this.
    All your likes, whether they are games or pages, they will appear here.

Here, you will find all the pages that you have liked, and the various categories of sports, movies, television and much more. To change the settings for your Likes, you will have to click on the manage icon, as shown in the picture below.

Manage will show you a list of options to choose from.

This is where you can now hide your one of the sections, which you don’t want to be public, you can also edit the privacy of your likes.

Options for managing this section
  1. Since we are learning how to control how our likes appear, we will click on the third option, which says ‘Edit the Privacy of Your Likes’.
    To hide your likes, you have to Edit the privacy for your likes.
  2. This is the drop-down list of categories of Likes, which you can control for privacy purposes.
    All the categories for Likes
  3. Each category has an icon on the opposite side. Click on that icon for the category you want to edit. This will show you the options for whether you want all the people on your list to be able to view these, or you want to customize the list. You can even make it public, open for anyone to see. The option you click will be the set of audience for that category, and a tick sign will appear in front of the audience you chose, as shown in the picture below.
    You can follow the step of changing the audience for all the categories. But, note, that you can hide the category as a whole, and not a specific like under that category.

    The option for public means, anyone, who visits your profile, even if he or she is not on your list can view your like. While the option for friends means, only the people on your list can view these likes. If you choose ‘only me’, this means that no one, not the people on your list or the people who are not on your list, no one at all can view these likes except you. And the last option, which says custom, you can add the names of the people whom you want to restrict form viewing your likes. You can also add the names of the specific people you want to see these likes.

  4. Once you have edited the categories accordingly, you can simply close this list, can carry on with your Facebook time. Your edits have been made successfully.
Habiba Rehman
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