How to Hide and Unhide Rows and Columns on Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel does not allow a single cell to be hidden. So instead of hiding a specific cell, you can hide an entire row or column which you feel does not need to be visible on the sheet. You can do this by either using the short key for hiding, that is, Ctrl+0, or you can follow the steps as mentioned below.

Hiding a Column

  1. I created this file as an example for the readers. Open a file which contains data. Or create one.
Open an Excel File
  1. Select the column that you want to hide.
    Select the column
  1. Click the right button on your mouse on the selected column. You can click the right button on either the cells of the column or on the header of the column, either way, the extended list of options will appear in front of you.
Hiding options
  1. From the options that appear, click on the option that says ‘Hide’, as highlighted in the previous image. The minute you click on ‘Hide’, the entire column that you had selected would disappear and this thick line will appear to show the viewer that a column has been hidden here.
The black line that appears when you hide a column

How to Unhide a Column

The method of un-hiding a column is very different than the way we hid a column. So pay attention when following the steps below for un-hiding a column.

  1. Locate the name box on an Excel sheet. A name box is towards the left side of the page right on the top and it basically shows the cell name which you are currently working on. For instance, C5, H7, and Z100. To unhide a column that you just hid, click on the space for name box until the name of the cell there gets selected as shown in the image below.
    Name Box
  2. Now type any name of the column that you have hidden. For instance, since we hid the column b, I will write any combination of b with any number, as I did in the image below. I wrote b1 and pressed the enter key from the keyboard.
    Write the name of any hidden cell
  3. This will select this cell form the hidden column. You can see a small and thick line showing on your sheet right next to the invisible cell.
    Go to Format

Now under the Home tab for Excel, locate the tab for Format which will be towards the right end of the ribbon. Click on it and another extended list of options will appear. This is where you will find the option for Hide and Unhide under the heading ‘Visibility’. Click on this.

  1. When you click on Hide and Unhide, all these options will appear on the screen. To hide, you will have to click on the highlighted option in the image below, that says, ‘Unhide’ Column. The instant you click on this, the hidden column will reappear.
    Hide and Unhide
    Hidden Column reappears

Hiding a Row

The method for hiding the row is similar to that of hiding a column. All you have to do it:

  1. Select the row which you want to hide.
    Hide the selected row
  2. Click the right button of your mouse on any of the cells of the selected row, or click right on the header of this specific row. A dropdown list of options will appear which will have the option for ‘Hide’. Clicking on this will hide the row that you had selected and will show a thick black line in place of the row which shows that a row has been hidden.
    A row has been hidden

Unhide a Row

  1. Write the name of the cell in the name box and press the enter key from the keyboard. A small black line will appear next to the invisible cell.
    Follow the steps of writing in the Name box
  2. Under the Home tab on the top ribbon, click on the tab for Format> Hide and Unhide>Unhide Rows. The minute you click on Unhide rows, the hidden row will reappear on the sheet.
    Unhide Rows
    The hidden row will reappear

Hiding Multiple Rows and Columns

You can select multiple rows at one time, and hide all of them at one time. Same goes for multiple columns. The process is the same for both. All you have to do is select more than one row or column at one time and then follow the same steps that you did for a single row or column. Note: You cannot hide rows and columns, both at the same time. This means that if you select a combination of a column and a row at one time and try to hide it, this will not happen.

Selecting multiple columns. the same can be done for multiple rows
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