How to Hide a Friends Post on Facebooks Newsfeed

Facebook users follow and like so many pages and people from their Facebook account. And everything they follow appears on their Newsfeed. Sometimes, what a certain person or a page has shared might not be something you want to look at. For instance, if a newspaper shares something which is very violent and you wouldn’t want to see posts like these, or would like this specific post by the news page to get hidden from your newsfeed, you can manually do this.

There are two ways to hide posts from a person or a page that you have liked or followed. You can either access their shared post from your newsfeed or go to their profile. Either way, the steps will be the same. Following are a few steps that can be taken by you to hide the post from your newsfeed.

  1. Sign in to your Facebook account, and stay on the newsfeed page.
    Using the ellipses seen on the right corner of a post to view more options for that post, friend or page

    You will find all the posts shared by people and pages on your Facebook list. For a post that you don’t like and want to hide from your newsfeed. Click on the ellipses as shown in the picture above. This will show you a dropdown list of options to choose from.

    Pick from these options to hide posts from pages or friends

    You can save the link if you like it and want to share it, you can hide this post and tell Facebook to show you fewer posts like these, you can put posts from this page on snooze, which means that posts from this page will continue to show on your newsfeed once the time for snooze is over. And, you can unfollow the page or person so that you don’t see them on your newsfeed at all, but they still will be on your list as a friend or as a page that you have liked. Say, for instance, that you commented on the post shared by this page. By clicking on ‘Turn on notifications for this post’, You will get continuous notifications from this post when other people comment, like or share the post. The same option can be used to turn off notifications for this post.

  2. Clicking on ‘Hide Post’ will hide this current post from the page or friend on Facebook and will show you fewer posts that are similar to this one. This acts as a filter for your newsfeed where you can tell Facebook to not show content that is similar to a certain post. And the next time, Facebook will follow this setting and show you fewer posts like these.
    Hide post, hides this specific post and posts that are similar to this one from your Newsfeed

    Once you click on this, the shared post or the uploaded post will be hidden. You can always undo it if you feel like you don’t need to hide this post.

    Facebook allows you to undo the action you just took for hiding a post

    Just click on the undo tab to undo hiding.

  3. Snooze the page or friend. This is a setting for a temporary period. Clicking on this option will not show you posts from this specific page or person for 30 days. And after 30 days, the posts from this page will start appearing on your newsfeed.
    Snooze the posts from a page or friend for 30 days
  4. We often add people on the list who are not really our friends but are still on our list. And sometimes, we don’t like seeing posts from them as we are not really into the kind of posts they share. To not see posts from such people or pages, you can unfollow them. This is different than unfriend-ing someone. When you unfriend someone, you basically delete them from your list, and they will eventually know that you deleted them from your Facebook. Whereas on the other hand, when you unfollow someone, they don’t get informed about this change, and you don’t get to see any posts from them on your newsfeed.
    Unfollow the page to get no posts at all from this page or friend

    You can also unfollow anyone by going to their profiles. You can search their name on the top search bar on Facebook.

    Turn notifications on or off for a post

    Click on the ‘Following’ tab as shown in the image below. It will open a dropdown list for you. Here, you will find the option to unfollow your friend.

    Unfollow someone by going to their profile

    Clicking on ‘unfollow’ a friend will now show the tab for following like this.

    Follow back if you changed your mind

    You can always start following the friend or page back again by clicking on the Follow tab.

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