How to Get Android 8.0 ‘PiP’ on Older Android Versions

The newest version of the most popular ecosystem for smartphones, Android 8.0 Oreo brings some convenient multitasking features for the supported devices. One of the most useful functionalities is called “Picture-in-Picture” (PiP), which makes it incredibly easy to multitask while watching videos. However, not all Android devices will get the latest update. That means that many of us will not be able to try PiP on our devices. That fact made me search through the internet for a solution to this problem. After a little research, I found the simplest one.

In this article, I will present you an easy way to get Android 8.0 PiP on older Android devices.

What is PiP?

Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode allows users to play videos in a small overlay window that isn’t blocked by other windows. So, they can simultaneously watch the video and do activities in other apps. For example, you are watching some video from your gallery, and you want to open another app or go to your home screen. You just need to activate the PiP mode, and the video will be transferred to a small overlay window which will stay on top no matter which app you will launch. If you are wondering how can you activate the PiP mode, you just need to press the home button while you are watching the video on a full screen. Pretty cool right?

How to Get PiP on Older Android Versions

If you want to get this intuitive PiP feature on your Android device, you don’t need to root your device or install custom ROMS. The way that I will explain in this article includes installing only one free app available on the Google Play Store. That app is VLC Player and here is the download link VLC Player.

After you installed VLC Player on your Android, the first thing you need to do is to launch the app. When you open the app for the first time, you will need to allow it to access to your storage. Next, swipe from the left side of your screen to open the side navigation menu. Tap on “Settings” and tick the box “Play videos in background.”

How to Use PiP on Older Android Versions

From now, whenever you are watching videos in VLC Player, and you like to use another app simultaneously you can easily do it. Just tap on the video to see the player controls and then choose the three-dot button next to the pause button. From the controls select the PiP icon which looks like 2 rectangles one in one. When you click that icon, you will note that the video window will shrink down and will float on your screen. That’s it. You’ve just started the PiP mode on your Android.

Now you can hit the home button and launch any other app that you like. Your video will stay at the top. You can also drag the video window wherever you like.

If you like to go in a full-screen mode again, you need to tap on the video window to make the controls visible. Now click on the Full-screen icon and your video will stretch to full-screen mode. If you like to close the window, just simply tap on the X icon, and the app will close.

Wrap Up

This is the easiest way to get Android 8.0 PiP on Older Android devices that I found on the Internet. Feel free to try it out on your device and share your experience with us. Also, if you know any other way how to activate this feature or some other Android 8.0 features on older Android versions, you are welcome to tell us as well.

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How to Get Android 8.0 ‘PiP’ on Older Android Versions

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