How to Get ‘Always On Display’ On Older Android Phones

If you own one of the latest Samsung Galaxy or LG phones like Galaxy S8 or LG G6, you probably enjoy using the “Always On Display” feature. However, if you don’t own one of the Android phones featuring this functionality you might not know about it.

What is “Always On Display”?

For everyone that doesn’t know, “Always On Display” is a functionality that shows snippets of info of your choice when the screen of your smartphone is switched off, and your Android is locked. While “Always On Display” is on, your touchscreen doesn’t react, and for unlocking you need to do the standard procedure with your power button or fingerprint scanner.

You can configure the info that you want to see on your Android while “Always On Display” is active. You can set the time and date, notifications, weather, calendar, images, and pretty much everything you like. When you want to check your phone, you don’t need to click any button or enter a password. You just need to take a look at the screen, and you will see all the information at once, without even touching the device. If you try this feature once, it will definitely love it. Other than that, it looks really cool. So, if you are asking how can you try it on your device, you are in the right place.

Here I will present you an app that makes “Always On Display” from Galaxy S8 available for any Android. Let’s make your device awesome.

Glance Plus

Glance Plus is a free app available in the Play Store which will enable “Always On Display” on your Android. There is also a paid ads-free version of the app which allows you access to some advanced features.

The first thing that you need to do if you want to activate “Always On Display” on your Android is downloading the app. Here is the download link Glance Plus.

When you first launch the app, it will ask you for permission to modify the system settings. Allow the access, then you turn it on and configure the app as you wish.

Once, you finished with customizing the app you can tap on the three-dot-button at the top right corner and choose “Preview” to see how your always-on panel looks like.

That’s it. Now you can enjoy the results.

As you can see, Glance Plus allows you to set a clock, calendar, and notifications on your always-on panel. However, you can also add a battery level, current alarms, a weather widget, and a background image.

Other than the visual customizations, the developers also made this app smart, allowing you to set hours when the app will be inactive. The paid version even has an option to turn off the display while your phone is in your pocket and supports an auto-rotate feature.

Furthermore, in the settings of the app, you can customize the font color, size, brightness, and many other options. So, you are certainly not stuck with the default always-on panel that provides this app. You can also set this app to auto-start when your phone boots up so that it will always be available. One thing that you should keep in mind is that this app may increase your device’s battery consumption, especially if your device has an LCD display.

Wrap Up

As human beings, we always tend to choose the easiest way for getting things done. “Always On Display” is a feature that follows that trend and makes checking your phone easier than ever. If you want to try the “Always On Display” feature from Galaxy S8 on your Android, you should definitely check Glance Plus. There are other similar apps on the Android market. However, I found this app as the most suitable for me, so I will recommend it to you as well.

Feel free to tell us if you find this app useful for you, and share your suggestions for similar apps.

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