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How to Fix Windows Live Mail Server Error 3219 (0x8DE00005)

Error 3219 followed by Error 0x8DE00005 (which is the HEX Code) for the actual error means that your Windows Live Mail cannot connect to the Hotmail / Outlook or MSN servers in order to retrieve your mail. This issue is seen only when the users have configured their WLM to connect and sync mail over the Secure HTTPS link (delta sync). This has been the cause of concern, for many years and quiet often WLM stops working when there is an update on the servers, or when the servers are overloaded.

server error 3219

Traditionally, those using e-mail applications like Windows Live Mail should have configured their account as an IMAP or a POP account. To address this issue, what we’re going to do is delete/remove the existing account, and re-add it as a POP or IMAP account. IMAP is a better option since it allows real-time sync and can work simultaneously on a number of devices.

How to Fix Server Error 3219 or 0x8de00005 on Windows Live Mail

To fix this issue you will need to reconfigure your account. BUT first download and run Reimage Plus to scan and restore corrupt and missing files from hereOnce done, follow the steps below:

  1. To re-configure your account –  Click the Accounts Tab and Click the + symbol with the @ sign.
  2. Type your e-mail address, password and display name.
  3. Place a check on “Manually Configure  Server Settings2016-08-13_023458
  4. Under “Incoming Server Information” select “IMAP” as server type.
  5. In the Server Address field, type and in port type 993
  6. Place a check on “Requires a secure connection SSL
  7. Under “Outgoing Server Information” type as server address and in port type 587
  8. Place a check on “Requires a secure connection SSL” and “Requires Authentication
  9. Click Next. And you’re done, you should now see a new account added in the left pane of your Windows Live Mail.


If you wish to move messages from the previously added account, you can drag messages and drop them to the appropriate folders.

All Your messages will be re-downloaded, except for Sent Messages which you can drag and drop.

After your account is setup, you can remove the previous account by right clicking on it and selecting “Remove Account


  1. No se pudo enviar el comando al servidor IMAP debido a errores no atribuibles a la red. Esto podría indicar que la memoria del sistema es insuficiente, por ejemplo.


    Cuenta: Hotmail (climaconsultores) (1)


    Nombre de usuario:

    Protocolo: IMAP

    Puerto: 993

    Seguridad (SSL): 1

    Código: 800ccc0f

  2. I didn’t know it was possible to have WLM after updating to Windows 10, and I found this Website that is a godsend! I have been so frustrated with Outlook on the web and can’t stand the app on Windows 10. I let Microsoft have it with both barrels that it is not too bright to “fix something that ain’t broke’! Thank you so much for this information that was easy for a senior citizen to follow and get my Live Mail back! Bless you, Kevin!

  3. oh,my goodness….I am sooo sorry. please accept my condolences.
    thank you for staying with me, I appreciate it. I am very sorry for your loss.
    well, it keeps uploading or downloading folders and mail, and every time I compose a new email, it sticks in the outbox unless I close out and reboot the computer…when sometimes it sends out finally. but truly things are not working well.
    I had not yet tried the Mozilla fix because it had appeared things were working, but, there are still hangups , so, I will probably need to try the Mozilla.
    I am soooo disgusted and discouraged….but the MAIN thing is this!!! the OUTLOOK program has never ever proceeded after 10/28/16 !!! I don’t know what to do or how to fix the basic outlook Hotmail program!!! that one is un-useable since that date, and it is crucial to other computers!!
    THANK YOU, is the only thing I know to say. still needing help. sorry. thank you.

  4. huh I don’t see my previous reply here…it was detailed….it has disappeared…?? oh noooo

  5. This was the last reply

    “thank you, kevin, very much. I really appreciate you sticking with this for me, and I hope you will continue to try to help me.
    well, firstly…from where do I get the sent email to click on, and where is the sent folder to drag it to? I don’t see either….nothing shows as sent in my emails, and no sent folder. but all my other folders have showed up (and it is still downloading them).
    so, I am sorry, I don’t actually understand how to do what you wrote above…no sent emails show to me.
    I will now go to read at the link you posted above, and will get back to you.”

    The sent folder should be on your WLM, drag it to a new folder in Desktop then using the Import/Export add-on on Thunderbird, you can import the msgs into it.

  6. So far so good – I’m at the stage where I’m getting the message ‘ Downloading the list of folders available on the server – this may take a few minutes if you have a slow connection’
    Its been running for 4 hours now with no indication of any progress – only the flying document. Is this normal ?

  7. I did all you said..then in the end I got this…The host ‘imap-mail’ could not be found. Please verify that you have entered the server name correctly.So I clik on ..details and a new window comes up with…unable to send or recerve to Hotmail account…server error.0x8004889…? what

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How to Fix Windows Live Mail Server Error 3219 (0x8DE00005)

If the issue is with your Computer or a Laptop you should try using Reimage Plus which can scan the repositories and replace corrupt and missing files. This works in most cases, where the issue is originated due to a system corruption. You can download Reimage by clicking the Download button below.

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