How to Fix Video Playback / Recording Error 0xA00F427f

The error 0xa00f427f (0x800705aa) is a fault generated frequently in Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 tablet while trying to use audio/video resources. It does not let you run any program that contains audio or video. From YouTube videos to camera videos, all sorts of such files do not run successfully wen this error is encountered.

The easiest understanding so as to why errors with code 0x800705aa are generated is incorrect system configuration. If the settings on your Surface Pro 3 are configured incorrectly, you will frequently see this type of error. More specifically, any error with this code is mostly related to drivers. Based on experience, it is inferred that the error 0xa00f427f (0x800705aa) in Surface Pro 3 is usually because of audio/sound issues. However, because videos contain sound, this error triggers while playing videos, too. This clarifies that error 0xa00f427f (0x800705aa) is caused by an issue in the sound driver.

There are only two known methods that can resolve the issue of error 0xa00f427f (0x800705aa) in Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Tablet PC.  You are advised to follow the methods if chronological order.

Method 1: Update Surface and Windows

Sometimes pending updates can cause drivers to malfunction and simply updating your firmware and software can resolve the issue. To update your Surface Pro 3 and Windows, go to Start () and then tap on Settings. Here, tap on Update & security. You will now be able to see an option for Check for updates, tap on it. If there are updates available, Windows will automatically start installing them (or prompt you to install them), according to your settings. Install any available updates and select Restart now.

The issue should be resolved after your Surface Pro 3 restarts but if it still persists, try following the next method in this guide. ­­­

Method 2: Uninstall and reinstall your sound driver

Go to Start () and tap Settings. Once you are in Settings, search settings for Device Manager. Tap the Device Manager and look for Sound, Video and Game Controllers. It is usually right at the end. Expand this section and select the driver named Intel SST Audio Device (WDM). Once you select it, you will see a red cross [] on the panel at the top. Click on this icon to uninstall the driver.

As soon as this is done, Windows asks you to restart your system to complete the process. Click (or tap) on Yes here to restart your system. After the restart is complete, the Surface Pro 3 will add the default sound driver itself and the problem will be fixed. You will have to follow a couple of steps more here to ensure that everything is working correctly.

Go to the top left corner of the device manager again and right click (or tap and hold) on your computer’s name. Select scan for hardware changes from the options it gives. After this option is clicked, the machine will bring the default sound driver back and the issue will be resolved.


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How to Fix Video Playback / Recording Error 0xA00F427f

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