How to Fix ‘Steam Snooze’

Steam has a number of statuses which are visible to your friends. Like many other gaming consoles, they can be triggered either automatically or manually. They cannot be removed from your friend’s tab and are there permanently. Follow the steps below to locate and set your status.

  1. Open your Steam client. Click the option which says “view friends list” located on the bottom right edge of the window.

  1. Once you click it, a new window will come forward consisted of all your online friends along with your current status.

  1. Your friend’s icon will go green if they are playing any game using the Steam client. It will turn blue if they are online or away. It will be gray if they are offline. This window also shows when you were last online.

  1. Through this tab, you can also perform other action by clicking the drop down icon present in front of their names. You can send them messages, launch the game they playing (if it is installed), block communication etc.

Now coming towards the Status. Your Status is shown on the top of Friends list window.

You can change your status by clicking on the drop down menu icon present in front of your name. Steam also automatically sets your status if some specific conditions are met. The different statuses which are displayed are:

Online: Steam is running on any machine that you are logged on. Steam has detected mouse or keyboard movement in the last 10 minutes.

Away: Person is logged in hasn’t been accessing Steam client for the last 10-15 minutes.

Busy: The person has marked himself busy and won’t respond to all the messages you send him.

Looking to Play: The person is looking to play with anyone. Message him to team up.

Looking to trade: The person is looking to trade items.

Offline: The person’s Steam client is not logged in from anywhere; thus he is offline.

Snooze: This status isn’t available for you to set on your own. It is set by Steam automatically when your pc hasn’t been touched and it enters sleep mode or has a black screen (for screen saving).

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How to Fix ‘Steam Snooze’

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