How to Fix Outlook Sync Error 0x800700b7 on Windows Phones

Error code 0x800700b7 started appearing for Windows Phone users after the Hotmail website was updated to Outlook, mainly due to synchronization problems with the new website. This only happens when you’re using a Hotmail account, and you won’t get this with Gmail or other providers.

This issue is common with users of Windows 10 Mobile, and it’s fairly unexpected given that the provider we’re discussing is Microsoft itself, and they’re also behind the Outlook Mail app that is giving this error code.

There is a very simple method that has worked for many users, and you’ll have your mail account synced in no time if you follow the steps.

Remove, and re-add the e-mail account

  1. Open the Outlook Mail app on your phone.
  2. In the bottom bar, tap the three dots on the far right. Choose Manage accounts.
  3. Choose the account you’re having issues with, and tap it.
  4. Choose Delete account, and tap Delete in the next screen. This shouldn’t result in data loss, even if that is the e-mail address of the main account on your phone.
  5. Choose Add account, and add your account again.
  6. Everything should be okay now, and the only issue you might experience is the new account not staying in the unified incoming mail folder. To solve this, simply turn the phone off and on again.

Your Hotmail account should be syncing well now, and you won’t have this issue anymore. This kind of problems are to be expected with migrations such as the one from Hotmail to Outlook, but it is a fact that Microsoft should’ve solved them. However, if you simply follow the steps above, you will get rid of it immediately.

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How to Fix Outlook Sync Error 0x800700b7 on Windows Phones

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