How to Fix Office 365 or 2016 Installation Error 30180-4

If you’re installing Office 365, or Office 2016, there is a chance of running into error 30180-4. This error means that there is a setting in your firewall, or proxy, that is preventing you from installing Office. Other errors that might appear due to this same reason are 30174-4, 30125-4, 30038-4 and 30125-1011.

This issue usually appears for users who are installing one of the latest versions of Microsoft Office, be it Office 365, or Office 2016. The setup wizard usually fails to connect to Microsoft’s servers, and that might be what is causing it to fail.


To solve this issue, it is as easy as allowing Office through the firewall, which is what we will go through in the method below.

Create an Exception in your Firewall Software

The 30180 error code signals that a certain file isn’t being allowed through the firewall – so the logical solution would be to add an exception for Office in your firewall, and try upgrading again. This way, your firewall knows that it shouldn’t block Office, and you won’t be facing this issue. If you’re using a third-party firewall, such as Sophos, or something similar, you will need to look into the Settings to create the exception. If you cannot figure out how, then the best option is to temporarily disable any web blocker, firewall or third party security software until the app has finished installing or updating.

For Sophos

On your Sophos firewall go to Web Protection > Filtering Options > Misc and create exceptions in the Transparent Mode Skiplist as follows:

skipmode destination host

destinations were for the first one and both as dns host

For Windows Firewall

  1. Easiest way is to temporarily disable it.

Even though you might think that this is an issue with Microsoft Office, which would in turn lead to frustrations and anger, it is nothing more than a firewall blocking files that shouldn’t be blocked, and by following the method above, you will fix that in no time.

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How to Fix Office 365 or 2016 Installation Error 30180-4

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