How to Fix Movie Maker “Bad Image” Error 0x000012f

Movie Maker is a video editing software created by Microsoft, it is a part of Windows Essentials Suite. It allows you to create your own videos, and edit them afterwards. Finally the software allows you to publish them on OneDrive, Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, and Flickr.

Microsoft Movie Maker uses C++ Libraries. While opening Movie Maker you might get the error status 0x000012f which details that the MSVCR110.dll is missing in the system. This DLL is included in the C++ Library. The C++ Library gets included at the moment of installing the Windows Essential Suite if not already installed.

To resolve this issue, we need to either install/fix Microsoft C++ 2012 Runtime libraries, or reinstall the Windows Live Essentials Suite.

Method 1: Fix Microsoft C++ 2012 Runtime Libraries

  1. Hold the Windows Key and Press R
  2. Type appwiz.cpl and Click OK
  3. Locate “Microsoft C++ 2012 Runtime Libraries” and click Change after selecting it.
  4. Then choose Repair

Method 2: Install Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2012 Runtime Libraries

  1. Download the software from here.
  2. Make sure to select either x86 or x64 depending on your Operating System.
  3. Locate the download, and install

Windows Movie Maker is part of the Windows Essentials Suite, if none of the above works, reinstalling the suite would be an alternative for resolving this issue, since the library would get included again at the moment of installing.

Method 3: Reinstalling Windows Essentials Suite

  1. Open the Start Menu and type down wlarp (Windows (Live) EssentialsAdd/Remove Programs applet) and press ENTER or Hold the Windows Key and Press R. Then type wlarp
  2. From the two options given, select Repair all Windows Essentials programs
  3. Restart your computer, and verify that Windows Movie Maker is working.

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How to Fix Movie Maker “Bad Image” Error 0x000012f

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