How to Fix IncrediMail Error BREAKPOINT (80000003)

When you start IncrediMail it opens with a small error dialog stating the following error message: “IncrediMail has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience“. The error further goes on to say the following in the Crash Details “Exception: BREAKPOINT (80000003). Faulting Offset: 00132BD2, Module: KERNELBASE.dll

The reason why the error occurs is because Windows pushed an update on around 31st Of December 2015 to your system; which conflicts with IncrediMail. This update is a security update for Flash Player (a plug-in) which is needed by IncrediMail to function. When the update is applied; it changes the features and restricts Flash Player and IncrediMail compatibility. As you can see further down in the crash details; the files it gives reference to are several instances of Flash.ocx. Windows Update KB for this update is KB3132372.incredimail error

In order to fix this issue; all you have to do is uninstall this update and to do that on a Windows 8/10 computer; go to Control Panel; Hold Windows Key and Press X. In the contextual menu; choose Control Panel; then in Control Panel, on the top right; search for updates by typing updates.

Click View Installed Updates, and then wait a couple of minutes for the update list to be populated.


Once it does that, locate and double click the update KB3132372 and choose to Uninstall it. 


Before and while doing this; make sure IncrediMail is closed. You will need to keep this update off; until MS or IncrediMail releases another update to fix / patch the issue.

After the update has been uninstalled, go here and download the wushowhide.diagcab file, open and run it. Put a check in the box next to KB3132372 and Click Next. And Next again; you may see a notification saying “this is, after all, a “troubleshooter”” — that’s it.

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How to Fix IncrediMail Error BREAKPOINT (80000003)

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