How to Fix Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 Storage Issues

Almost all the Samsung Galaxy tab 3 8.0 users seem to have storage problems with their tablets. The main issue is that the tablet does not have an option for storing data directly to SD card. Even if it does have the option to select SD card as the preferred storage, it won’t store your data directly to SD card. This leads to storage problems since these tabs don’t come with a huge internal storage.

The problem started with the android version 4 (ICS and Jelly Bean) because before Ice Cream Sandwich update there was an option for storing apps directly to SD card. Google removed the option to directly install apps and other stuff to your SD card in 4.x versions. Since these tabs come with a Jelly Bean installed and have very limited internal storage, most of us are facing this issue.

Unfortunately there aren’t any methods to move your apps or directly install them to your SD card unless your phone is rooted. There are a few methods that you can try to save your media files in SD card though.

Method 1: Moving media to your SD card using your tablet

Storing media on your SD cards is a bit tedious because you have to move your data manually.

  1. Go to Apps by pressing Icon
  2. Select My Files
  3. Select the option Device Storage
  4. Select DCIM >> Camera (or any other folder you want the data to move) from the left pane.
  5. Now long press the picture/file you want to move and lift up your finger. It will highlight the selected file
  6. Click the button (3 bars) on the top right corner and select move/copy
  7. If you get a new screen with Device storage and SD card option then select SD card >> DCIM (or any other folder of your choice). If you stay on the same screen, select the extSDcrd >> DCIM (or any other folder you want) from the left pane
  8. Click the button (3 bars) on the top right corner and select paste

Method 2: Moving media to your SD card using Computer

You can transfer your media files from internal memory to SD card using your computer with this method.

  1. Connect your tablet to the computer
  2. Select the new drive (probably with the name of your tablet) that appeared with your other drives in My Computer.
  3. Go to DCIM > Pictures (or Downloads if you saved pictures from websites) and copy the desired files and paste them in a folder somewhere on Desktop
  4. Plug in your SD card and make a folder named DCIM and sub folder Pictures if it isn’t already there. Paste your tablet data in these folders.
  5. If your SD card is already in the tablet then you should be able to see another drive with your SD card name in My Computer. Select it and follow Step 4.
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How to Fix Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 Storage Issues

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