How to Find Out Who Unfollowed You on Instagram

Instagram is just a glorified popularity contest – the more followers you have on the platform, the more popular you are thought to be. That being the case, there is very little that is more important to Instagram users than their follower count, and that is especially the case with brands and businesses on the platform that need to engage with their followers in order to make a living. It comes as no surprise that most Instagram users go into a state of subtle hysteria when they see their follower count go down, and the first question that pops us in their mind is pretty simple:

Who unfollowed me?

Instagram, perhaps the most popular image-sharing social platform on the internet right now, only displays a decreasing follower count to its users when someone unfollows them and nothing more. Users don’t get to know who unfollowed them from the app itself, and pondering over the question can be quite frustrating. The only way to determine exactly who unfollowed you through the Instagram app itself is to go through your list of followers and see who’s missing, but that would be a ludicrous venture for anyone with a significant amount of followers and simply wouldn’t be feasible. Ever heard of the phrase “There’s an app for that”? It quite aptly defines this day and age – there’s an app for everything now, keeping track of who follows and unfollows you on Instagram included.

Manually Seeing Who Unfollowed You on Instagram

There’s nothing stopping you from firing up the Instagram app, navigating to your Profile, tapping on Followers and going through the list of everyone who follows you to see exactly who’s missing – if you don’t mind spending a lot of time and effort on something that can otherwise be easily and quickly achieved, that is. Whoever’s missing from your Followers list is who unfollowed you, but remembering exactly who follows them becomes virtually impossible for most Instagram users once they cross the 100 (or so) follower threshold.

Using Analytics Apps to See Who Unfollowed You

The easiest way to see exactly who unfollowed you on Instagram is to use analytics apps designed specifically for users to gain insight into their Instagram profiles, insight that is not provided to them by the Instagram app itself. Analytics apps, once you log into them with your Instagram account, can tell you things about your account that you didn’t even know you could find out. Instagram, however, sees the extent of access these apps have to users’ Instagram accounts as a breach of privacy, and has therefore become a stickler with its API and has significantly cut down on the amount of access analytics apps get to users’ accounts.

The changes Instagram made to their API rendered many analytics apps unable to carry out their purpose and, therefore, useless. However, there are some third-party analytics apps for Instagram that have managed to overcome the odds and are still able to provide their user bases with the same insight into their Instagram accounts as before, and that includes the number and identities of the people who unfollow them. Taking into account everything from User Interface and stability to functionality and degree of intrusion, we here at Appuals have come to a decision on the best of the best of the analytics apps for Instagram that have survived the changes to the platform’s API. The following are the four absolute best analytics apps for Instagram that you can use to see who unfollowed you, and much, much more:

1. FollowMeter for Instagram

Available on:

With a 4.5 star rating on the Apple App Store and a 4.4 star rating on the Google Play Store, FollowMeter for Instagram is the absolute best analytics app for Instagram that caters to both mobile Operating Systems. FollowMeter for Instagram boasts a streamlined and fluff-free User Interface that is, at the same time, chic and appealing. As far as functionality goes, there’s nothing FollowMeter for Instagram won’t do. Tracking the number of your gained and lost followers and exactly who they are? Determining who your secret admirers and ghost followers are? Keeping track of who your top likers and commenters are? No worries, FollowMeter for Instagram has you covered on all fronts.

FollowMeter for Instagram is free on both Android and iOS, although it does offer in-app purchases (you can still see exactly who unfollowed you without spending a single penny, however). When you install the application, it will ask you to log into it with your Instagram account. Once you do so, it’s all smooth sailing from there. FollowMeter for Instagram coped with the bad hand it was dealt in the form of Instagram’s changes to its API in the most admirable of ways and is just as informative and effective when it comes to managing your Instagram account as it was before.

2. Follow Cop

Available on:

Rated 4.4 stars on the Google Play Store, Follow Cop is at the absolute front of the line when it comes to Instagram analytics apps for Android devices. Follow Cop not only gets the job done but is also a juicy piece of eye candy – with functionality to spare and a sleek, elegant User Interface, there’s virtually nothing the app lacks. Follow Cop shows you exactly who unfollowed you and much more – from gained followers to ghost followers, this app has it all. The app is, however, only capable of revealing the identities of your most recent unfollowers to you, so do yourself a favor and check it out on the regular. When you see your most recent unfollowers, you will also be able to see if you do or don’t follow them.

The apps most noteworthy features, however, are its ability to have up to three Instagram accounts connected to it at the same time (a feature that Instagram users with separate personal accounts and accounts for their brands/businesses will greatly appreciate) and the ability to mass unfollow up to 20 Instagram accounts at one time using the app. Follow Cop can be downloaded from the Google Play Store completely free of cost.

3. Followers Tracker Pro

Available on:

  • iOS Free (Discontinued)

Not everything that glitters is gold and not every mobile app that has the word “Pro” in its name costs money, and Followers Tracker Pro is a testament to this statement. Followers Tracker Pro has a 4.6 star rating on the App Store, which is no small feat by any means and goes to show just how good an Instagram analytics app it is. Followers Tracker Pro has a responsive and clean User Interface and goes above and beyond the call of duty – not only can you use the app to see just many followers you gained and lost and exactly who your new followers and unfollowers are, you can even see who of the people you follow don’t follow you back, see who’s posting near you, track likes per post, see which of your followers are ghost followers and see who’s liking and then unliking your posts and deleting comments they made on them.

The app does offer in-app purchases to unlock certain features, but checking to see exactly who unfollowed you Instagram via this app will cost you nothing. Followers Tracker Pro also has an active development team behind it as it is updated on multiple occasions every month.

4. InstaFollow for Instagram

Available on:

If all you’re looking for is a simple, clean and lightweight application that you can use to see how many of your followers have unfollowed you and exactly who they are, you need not looking any further than InstaFollow for InstagramInstaFollow for Instagram is a pretty basic Instagram analytics application, but it is more than equipped to deal with the question “Who unfollowed me?” There’s not much else InstaFollow for Instagram is good for past tracking the number and identities of new followers and new unfollowers seeing users you follow that don’t follow you back, and accounts that follow you that you don’t follow back. But if that’s all you really need from your Instagram analytics app, InstaFollow for Instagram will definitely cut it.

You can follow and unfollow Instagram accounts with a single tap from inside the app, but that’s really as good as it gets. InstaFollow for Instagram is only available on iOS devices and is completely free of charge.

Where to Go Next

Once you know exactly who unfollowed you on Instagram, you can decide on what you should do with them. You could try to re-engage them and regain them as a follower, something you should especially consider if you are a brand or business just starting out as you need your followers way more than anyone else on Instagram does. When you’re a brand or business, your followers are, in almost all cases, your customers, so losing a follower means losing an existing or potential customer. If you do not want to put in the effort and time to re-engage those who have unfollowed you based off a small chance of you being able to regain them as a follower, you can simply cut ties with them by unfollowing them if you are following them, or simply forgiving and forgetting if you don’t follow them.


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