How to Find Funny GIFs Online?

GIF, which is an abbreviation for ‘Graphic Interchange Format. GIFs, are often shared on social media networks, like Facebook, Twitter and even through messages on Whats App, where you add humour to your conversations through these GIFs. People tag each other on GIFs that are already shared on social networks, just how people find funny and relatable memes.

Search Engines for GIFs

Where to Find the Funniest GIFs?

The following is a list of websites that can be accessed easily if you want to find a funny GIF to send to your friend.


Giphy is a website that is made especially for GIFs and related products. So if you want to find a GIF that is completely relatable to your situation, you can look for it on Giphy’s search engine. The website also has an option to check out the most popular and trending GIFs. This will help you to choose from the funniest of all GIFs and share it with your friends and family.

Using Giphy to find funny GIFs


Google, the largest search engine for anything possible. You can search for good and relatable GIFs, by selecting the GIF tab after you click the image option. Here, you can type anything and you’d find the GIF you have been looking for. This is one of the largest pool for all GIFs possible. This might help you find a GIF related to the theme in your mind. The following is a how you can access Google GIFs from your phone.

GIFs can be accessed on Google from mobile.
Google GIF from mobile

For desktop use, you can simply type image or funny GIF in the search bar and find your GIF here.

Widely used search engine for anything.

Besides the options of websites that will help you find GIFs as mentioned in this article, you can also research on your own for some really good GIF websites as well.You can use Googles search engine for this purpose. When you type GIF in the Google search bar, it will bring forward all the websites where you can find funny GIFs on. Including the ones that have already been discussed here.


Tumblr is one of the most commonly and popularly used social network for all age groups. And because it is in use by so many people, there is a large number of people who share GIFs on this medium. When you enter, you will be directed to a list of options that the website recommends for you. These are basically the ‘most trending’ in a way, which appear in the form of blogs that you must follow. Here, the thumbnails of these blogs will show you certain pictures that are probably moving (a way to identify GIFs).

When accessing Tumblr, the best part about searching for GIFs on this specific website is that it shows you the GIF that people are sharing right now. Searching through the tags will also help you find some funny GIFs that you can share with the people you know.

For most of the websites that I have mentioned already, you need to make sure that you use the right pair of words to look for the right GIF. If you want to look for something that is super funny, you can write these group or pair of words to make the search more filtered and accurate.

  • #funny #GIF
  • #FunniestGIF
  • Funny, GIF, hilarious
  • LOL, GIF, laugh
  • Laugh, GIF, joke

You can use other words which might help you find the funniest GIF of all times.

Largest GIF sharing forum
Easy access for GIF on Tumblr


Reddit gives its users an option to look for the most hilarious GIFs that are being shared on their website. What makes Reddit different from other websites in this sense is, that the content which is good in real meaning, and is related to the topic, gets filtered by itself and reaches the top, helping you make your search experience even easier.

You can use for GIFs too
GIFs on Reditt


BuzzFeed is known for making the some of the best and the most viral content. That is one reason why you would, and you definitely would find some of the funniest memes, and GIFs on BuzzFeed. The search bar for BuzzFeed can be accessed easily, where all you need to do is type the GIF you want to share. For example, if you want something funny, you can write ‘Funny GIFs’. Searching on BuzzFeeds search engines give you a variety of options to choose from. And when you have a handful of options, you are surely going to find something that suits your taste and mood in this case.

Buzzfeed is famous for the funny content it shares.
Trending website for GIFs


You can look for funny GIFs on There is a search bar on the homepage of this site, where you can write the GIF you want to find. For instance, you can type ‘Simpsons GIF’, and you would find a few options related to this topic. And out of the results that are showing on the screen, you might just find something super hilarious.

Know Your Meme, an easy way to find GIFs
For Funny GIFs that you can share


Another helpful website that has allotted a whole section to GIFs. You can access this website if you are looking for funny GIFs. The website is pretty easy to use.Once you write ‘funny gif’ in the search bar, you will be directed to a list of GIFs that will suit your search.

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How to Find Funny GIFs Online?

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