How to Ensure Kids Watch Only Safe Content On Youtube

Children love watching cartoons on Youtube. And they don’t just watch cartoons on Youtube but also watch other ‘child’ oriented programs where Youtubers are unpacking surprise eggs and other things which would interest a kid. While this has to be one of the best forums for the entertainment of kids and adults, you as a parent might be worried when something inappropriate appears somewhere around the screen while your kid is watching something.  This could be suggestions for videos which are not best suited for children, or, advertisement during the show they are watching which obviously cannot be controlled by you as a user for Youtube.

What Should You Do When in Such a Situation

I have a niece who loves watching shows like Peppa Pig, Maya Girl and other Surprise Egg kind-of shows. Giving a gadget in the child’s hand gives them the power to tap on whatever video thumbnail that appeals to them. I am sure there are many parents who would be on the same page as me, worrying about the child when handing over the phone or tab to them. But luckily, we are in an era where we can limit the child’s options, or at least open a different ‘Youtube’ for them which is specifically for children.

There are many parents who panic in such situations as they are not aware of any other effective ways to keep their child entertained when giving them the phone or the iPad. Now while there would be many parents of the view who would say ‘just delete the application’ from your phone, which I don’t think is a very good idea because really, where else would you put up cartoons for your child when their favorite cartoon is only accessible on Youtube?

Youtube Kids, could be the lifesaver here for you. Youtube has very intelligently designed an entire website dedicated to the little ones, called, ‘Youtube Kids’. You can download this application on your gadgets, and when you hand over the gadget to your child, you can open Youtube Kids for them instead of the normal Youtube.

What is the Difference Between Youtube and Youtube Kids

  1. Name and Content
    The name itself is pretty explanatory here. Youtube, is for everyone, all age groups and people of all interests. While Youtube Kids is specifically only targetted for children and has a variety of cartoons and shows which are child-centric. Youtube Kids will only show you videos that a child would love to watch, and this is something the adults might not find very interesting. But, for the parents, this could be such relief as they won’t have to worry about any inappropriate videos popping as thumbnails or worrying about their child clicking on any such

    Youtube Kids
  2. The Look of the Application
    There is a visible difference between Youtube and Youtube Kids. When you open Youtube, since you use the application as well, it will show all the content matching with the most searches, including the ones you like to watch and that of your children. On the other hand, Youtube Kids shows only the cartoons or shows that your child watches. Youtube Kids has no adult content.

    Kids content
  3. Permission Required for Youtube Kids
    Every time a child opens Youtube Kids, the application asks them to have a parent or an adult unlock the application so that they could watch what they want to. This has to be the best and biggest difference between the two applications. Your child will not be able to watch anything on Youtube Kids until and unless you grant them the permission by unlocking the application yourself. And this also gives you the relief that when you are away or not anywhere around your child, they will not be able to use the gadget for watching, unless of course, someone unlocks it for them like their other parent or an elder sibling, uncle or aunt.

    Entering the right answer will unlock the app

Why Should You Use Youtube Kids

  • Youtube Kids gives the parent an upper hand in controlling what their child is viewing on the internet. And to be honest, this is exactly what we need as parents. We cannot sit with our child 24/7 or keep a continuous eye on the iPad as they watch whatever they watch. That is why applications like Youtube Kids helps the parents control while not needing to be around for such control.
  • It will save you from the stress that you would otherwise have if your child was on the normal Youtube.
  • Keeps your busy more engrossed and helps them learn through the various learning shows that appear on the application.

Other Alternatives for Youtube

In my opinion, Youtube Kids has to eb the best alternative for Youtube if you are a conerned parent. Other options include Netlflix and websites like Hulu which have some good shows for the kids including the usual cartoons.

Habiba Rehman
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