How to Enable Custom Launcher & Live Wallpaper on Remix OS

Remix OS, the popular Android for PC operating system, comes with its own unique launcher. Called “FileLauncher Mode”, it attempts to emulate the Windows desktop environment – however, some users prefer an Android-style launcher, since Remix OS’s native launcher does not support widgets.

Unfortunately, for some odd reason third party launcher support has been disabled in Remix OS. Upon installing and trying to use a third party launcher, the user will be greeted with a toast message that says “Third Party Launchers are not supported”.

In this guide, I will show you how to dig into the Remix OS system and enable third party launcher support, so you can install ZenUI, Nova, Google Now, etc as your Remix OS launcher. You can also enable live wallpaper, as I’ll show you which build.prop commands to edit.


  1. Download the required tools and navigate to the partition where Remix OS is installed.
  2. Take the initrd_(32 or 64)_rw_.img file and copy into the RemixOS folder on the drive where you installed Remix.
  3. Open the RemixOS folder; you should see both the original initrd.img and the new initrd_(32 or 64)_rw_.img
  4. Rename the initrd.img to oldinitrd.img to save it in case you need it
  5. Rename the initrd_(32 or 64)_rw_3.0.101.img to initrd.img
  6. Now we need to convert Remix OS’s system.sfs file to a .img file, so pay attention closely.
  7. Navigate to your RMXTools\bin64 folder.
  8. Press SHIFT+Right click and choose “Open command window here”.
  9. Type this into the command prompt, but change the drive location to where your RemixOS folder is installed:
    exe -d c:\temp c:\RemixOS\system.sfs
  10. Navigate again to your RemixOS folder, and you’ll see the newly created system.img inside a ‘temp’ folder. Copy it into the RemixOS folder that contains ‘system.sfs’, so you should have system.img and system.sfs alongside each other.
  11. Rename the system.sfs to oldsystem.sfs to keep it in case you need it again
  12. Unpack the system.img using an extraction tool like 7Zip or WinRar.
  13. Search the unpacked for system__/system/build.prop and edit build.prop with Notepad.
  14. Inside build.prop, change these following lines from true to false:

  1. Repack the system.img file and place it back where you found it, then reboot into Remix OS.
  2. Install a launcher from Play store.
  3. Install SDMaid app from Play store.
  4. Open SDMaid app and freeze the apps “Launcher” and “My Desktop”.
  5. Go into Settings>Experimental Options. Disable “FileLauncher Mode”, and enable “Experimental Keys”.
  6. Press Alt-F1 to enter terminal mode and type the following commands:
    pm disable com.jide.filelauncher
    pm disable
    pm disable
  7. Press ALT+F7 to exit the command line
  8. You will be prompted to select your launcher. Be sure to tick the Always button first.
  9. Go to Settings>Apps and set your launcher to open in fullscreen mode

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How to Enable Custom Launcher & Live Wallpaper on Remix OS

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