How to Edit Your Skype Display Name

Skype has been one of the most trending apps for video calling and chat. I remember making my Skype account back in my school days, and video chatting with my friends whom I just met in the morning. Fun days. And since many of us have made our accounts in the young days, there are chances that you are not happy with the username or the display name. Now that you are mature enough to realize what were you even thinking back then, and now you just want to change your name. But how? Let’s learn that through the steps that will guide you on how to change your Skype name from the computer or from your phone.

The method for both is pretty much the same. I will share how I changed my Skype name first from my computer and then from my phone. But before that, let me clear one thing out. There is a major difference in the Skype display name and Skype username.

A Skype Username is basically the account with which you have made your Skype account in the first place. You cannot change this no matter what. Unless you change your email address and make a new Skype ID with that address.

Skype display name on the other hand is your nickname or the name that you want people to see you with. This is what will show as your name if anyone searches for you on Skype. A display name can be changed on Skype as many times as the user wants. There are no restrictions on this.

Changing Your Skype Display Name from the Computer

  1. Sign in to your Skype account for which you want the display name to be changed.
    Sign in to your Skype account
  2. Right, where your name is written, that is towards the left side of the screen, click on the icon for your name, which is h- in my case as shown in the image below.
    Click on the circle icon right next to your display name
  3. When you click on this icon, all the options for setting your account show up here for your display name, number and other details.
    Settings for your account will show here
  4. While your name is placed right in the center of this page, you will notice a pencil sort icon to the right side of the name.
    Click on the pencil icon in front of your name

    Click on this.

    You can now change the name by pressing the backspace key from your keyboard and typing the display name of your choice

    Clicking on this icon will make your name editable. The text icon will appear right at the end of your name which can be used to backspace your name, and here in the space, you can now write down your new Skype name.

    Either tap anywhere else on the screen, or click the tick icon to finalize the name

The method for changing the Skype name from the phone is pretty much the same. I will share the screenshots anyway to show you how it can be done without much hassle.

Changing Your Skype Display Name from the Phone

  1. Open Skype from your phone. This is how Skype looks like from an android phone.
    Sign in to your Skype account using your Skype username
  2. Click on the icon that says 1 here in my application. For you, it is probably going to show you the initials of your display name.
    Where it is written one, it usually displays the initial of the name or account you are signed in to. So for you, it will be an alphabet, depending on what your skype name is
  3. This is where you can access the settings for Skype.
    This is the page that follows once you click on that circle icon as we did in the previous step

    Click on the settings icon which is in the right corner of the screen as shown in the image below.

    The wheel-like icon is what we need to click on next to change the name for our Skype account
  4. Here, you will find all the settings for editing your Skype account. Click on the pencil like icon here to edit the display name just how we did from the computer.
    Just how we clicked on the pencil icon from the computer, you will do the same from your phone. This will make your name editable.
  5. Backspace the display name that you are currently using, add the name that you want people to see, and click on the tick icon that appears at the foot of the screen. Your name for Skype has successfully been changed.
    erase the old name
    Type in the new name and tap the circle tick icon which will at the end of the screen
    Your display name has been changed

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