How to Draw a Witch Hat on Adobe Illustrator?

You can create a witch hat on Adobe Illustrator, using a mix of the pen tool, direct selection tool, and the shape tool, all together. Each part of the hat can be edited, using these different tools, to make a very appealing witch hat. Follow the steps as mentioned below.

  1. Click on the shape tool, which by default would be a rectangle shape. If you right click on the icon, you can see the different options for shapes. Choose the second last option from the list, which is the star tool.
    Select the star tool from the left tool panel to make a triangle
  2. Just because it is a star, does not mean that it can only be used to make a star, but, you can use it to make other shapes. Once you have selected the star shape, and when you click on the artboard once, a dialogue box appears which shows the settings of the star tool. You can change these settings according to the shape you want to draw. Since I want to make a triangle, I will change the number for points from 5 to 3 to draw a triangle and click OK.
    Edit the points for the shape to 3, which is what we need to do to make a triangle and not a star
  3. Draw a triangle on the artboard, depending on how big you want the shape to be.
    Draw a triangle, which will be edited accordingly to make the top part of a witch hat
  4. To bring curves to this straight-edged triangle, I will use the pen tool to make anchor points on the triangle, where I want the shape to be curved. The image below shows curves just for the upper edges, I also added some to the base of the triangle to make it look more 3D.
    Using the pen tool, create anchor points which will be curved later
  5. Once I have made the anchor points on the triangle, I will select the Direct Selection tool, to use these anchor points to curve the shape from different parts.
    Direct selection tool with help you curve the anchor points of any shape
    Curving the anchor points
    The top part of the hat has been made. You can make the same shape, by using the pen tool instead of using the shape tool
  6. Now, to make the wider part of the hat, which is mostly a huge circle, you need to select the ellipses tool from the left toolbar. This is the same option where you selected the star tool from.
    To make the lower part of the hat, you need to select the ellipses tool
  7. Draw an oval depending on the upper part of the hat. It should not be too small, and it shouldn’t be too wide as well. Make sure that it is equally proportionate to the upper part of the hat to make it look more realistic.
    make a horizontal oval

    Because when you create a second image, it is drawn over the previous image. To make the hat look real, you need to place the oval that you just created behind the upper part of the hat. To do this, right click on the ellipses you just drew, Go to the option that says ‘Arrange’, an extended list of options will appear, which is where you need to select the option for ‘Send to back’.

    take it to the back by arranging it behind the triangular shape

    This will send the oval behind the triangular shape.

  8. Now once you have made the whole hat, you need to alter the colors of the hat to add some depth. Gradient fill is what we will use for this.
  9. One the left toolbar panel, right at the end of it, you will notice three options for fill. You have to select the one in the center, which is for gradient fill as the icon for is displays.
    Add a gradient to the shapes to add more depth to the shapes

    Note: You need to select the shape that you want to add a gradient fill to. Without selecting the shape, you cannot have this gradient fill implemented to it.

  10. After selecting the shape, your shape will look like this.
    Select the shape you want to add the gradient to. This is how the top of the hat will look once you add a gradient

    An addition gradient fill settings option box will appear, where you can edit the color of the fill, and how you want the gradient to appear, whether you want it from the center, the edge or diagonally.
    Clicking on the circle in the image below, you can change the color shading of the gradient.

    Adjust colors of the gradient

    Follow the same steps for the oval that you created, adjusting the gradient accordingly. Gradient always gives a more realistic look to the image. As you can see in the image below for the final outcome of our witch hat.

    The hat is now complete.

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