How to Draw a Bat on Adobe Illustrator

You can draw a ‘bat’ on Adobe Illustrator using the shape tools only. While you can use the pen tool for this task, but that is an alternate way. It is much easier to make it using the shapes tool, joining different pieces and sizes of shapes together to make a bat. Check out the steps as mentioned below, and follow them in the same order to make a bat which looks amazing.

  1. Select the shape tool, from the left panel. The default settings for the shape tool shows a rectangle. If you right click on the same icon, you will see the different shapes options. Choose the one that says ‘ellipses’.
    Selecting the Ellipses tool to draw an oval
  2. Choosing the fill color to black, draw a vertically wide, but horizontally narrow ellipse. As shown in the image below. You can always adjust the size of the shape after you have made it.
    The size of the shape can be adjusted later on as well.
  3. Now, you have to draw another ellipse which is a different color so that you can visibly see the placement. Draw one circle, as shown in the image below, and create two more copies of the same shape by pressing ‘Alt’ on the keyboard and click and drag the copy of shape.
    Drawing the circles to make the curved edges of a wing

    Vertically align them so that you don’t have to place the shapes separately and can group them and place them anywhere.

  4. Through the half of the black ellipse, you will now place these three circles, from below, as shown in the picture below. There is one very important thing that you need notice. The edge of the black shape should create a sort-of pointy edge, so make sure that you place the white circles where the edge looks something like this.
    Placing the circles on the bigger oval.
  5. Once the placement is done accurately, select all the shapes in the frame, including the white circles, and the black oval.
    Select all the shapes on the artboard.
  6. By default, the settings for ‘pathfinder’, ‘align’ and transform will be open on the right side of your program. You can also access it by going to ‘Windows’ and scrolling down to find this option. You can also use the shortcut keys for this, which is ‘Shift+Ctrl+f9’.
    Accessing ‘Pathfinder’, in case it is not showing on your screen.

    From the options under Pathfinder, you have to click on the second icon, which says ‘minus’. This will minus the shapes that are at the front from the shape that is at the back. And to make the wing of the bat, this is exactly what we need.

    Using options from Pathfinder to edit the shapes
  7. One wing has been created now, you can copy the same shape by selecting the shape, pressing alt on the keyboard, and dragging the copy of the shape towards the right of the shape.
    One wing of the bat has been created through the ‘Minus’ option
    Copy the wing
  8. The ellipses tool is again going to be used to make the body of the bat. Create a vertically long oval.
    Make the body of the bat
  9. Make the head of the body, by creating a circle above the oval that you created in the previous step.
    Bats head
  10. To create the ears, you can use the star tool, which will be in the same option for rectangle and ellipses.
    Star Tool to make triangles
  11. When you click on the artboard now, a dialogue box will appear which will show you the default settings of this tool.
    Use the star tool to make the ears for the bat

    You can edit these settings, and write three in place of five so that you can create a triangle.

    points to 3
  12. Create a small triangle for the ear of the bat.
    making the triangle

    And place it on the head of the bat as shown in the image below.

    Create one triangle for one ear and copy it for the other side

    Copy the ear for the other side of the head, and rotate it to set the angle.

    Copying the triangle
    The shapes are ready
  13. To make this one shape, you can select these triangles for the ears, and the circles for the head and body.
    Select all the shapes
  14. Click on the first option in pathfinder that says ‘unite’, to make all the four shapes into one united shape.
    Pathfinder>Unite Unite is the option to make all the shapes into one big shape
    The shapes have been untied
  15. Place this shape, between the wings now, and place it evenly so that its right in the center, and adjust the wings accordingly. Follow the same instructions as the previous step, to unite the body and the wings as one shape
    Placing it accurately
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