How to Download Flickr Photos?

Flickr is one of the top photo-sharing platforms where users can upload photos for others to see. It is a hosting service with advanced and powerful features. Unlike Instagram or Facebook that compress the photos that users upload, Flickr allows users to upload pictures with full size. Flickr is more for professional photographers with the ability to view full-size images. Several users want to download photos from Flickr but are not sure how to download it. In this article, we will show you the methods of downloading Flickr photos.

How to download Flickr photos

Users can download their own camera roll or other user’s photos. However, most photos by professional photographers will be disabled for download. Every photo belongs to the owner and should not be used for any commercial or business use without the approval of the owner. You can still download the disabled pictures for your desktop or phone wallpapers.

Method 1: Downloading Photos through Default Flickr Download Feature

In this method, we will show you the steps about the default downloading feature of Flickr. Flickr provides a download option for any photo that you open. If you are downloading your own pictures, then you don’t need any permission for downloading. You can also download other user’s photos if they have enabled the download for photos. You can download pictures by following the below steps:

  1. Log in to your Flickr account using your browser.
    Log in to Flickr account
  2. Click on the “You” menu at top left corner and choose Camera Roll from the list.
    Open Camera Roll
  3. You’ll find all your uploads in Camera Roll, click on any photo that you want to download.
    Opening photo from Camera Roll
  4. Now click the download icon at the bottom right corner of the photo and choose any size in which you want to download your picture.
    Downloading Flickr photo
  5. Your picture will be downloaded to your system.

Method 2: Downloading Photos by Using Flickr Photos Download Extension

Unlike the above method, this method is more about downloading other user’s photos who have disabled the downloading option. Google Chrome extension for Flickr photos downloading can allow you to download any picture on Flickr without any issue.

Note: This may cause the copyright issue if you are using photos for any commercial or business use without owner permission.

  1. Add the Flickr Photos Download extension to your Google Chrome.
    Adding the Flickr Photos Download extension to Chrome
  2. Now Sign in to your Flickr account and search for someone’s photo (restricted photo) that doesn’t provide the download option.
    Opening random photo
  3. Open the photo, now click on the extension button at the top right and it will provide all the sizes download option just as Flickr provides.
    Using the extension to download photo
  4. Click on any size download button, provide the location where you want to save it and click Save button.
    Download location
  5. Your photo will be downloaded without any problem.

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How to Download Flickr Photos?

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