How to Disassemble EPUB Files with Archive Manager

One of the more popular technologies used by e-readers, smartphones and tablets is called EPUB, and this format is based on a technical standard that the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) makes well-known. While this standard is open, it cannot be worked with using native Linux tools under most circumstances, though some individuals may have installed additional tools in order to work with it in a desktop environment. EPUB files can be disassembled, however, without the need for installing any additional packages.

Disassembling EPUB files can be useful for examination purposes, as well as for those who simply want to have a look at the underlying CSS files that make up these electronic books. EPUB files that are not in the public domain will more than likely be copy protected, which will render this impossible. Classic books from the Internet Archive and Project Gutenberg that are copyright-expired will work wonderfully using this technique, as will those that users assembled themselves.

Archive Manager EPUB Disassembly

First activate your graphical file manager either by choosing it from the Applications menu or, alternatively, holding down the Windows key and E at the same time. Navigate to where your EPUB files are held. Select the file menu and create a new folder.


Drag the book icon into the new folder. Double click on the new folder to enter it. Right click on the book you’d like to break down, and then select Archive Manager from the context menu. Hold down the shift key and then select all of the items in the list. They will change color to indicate their selected status.


Drag them to the file manager’s window centered on the new folder. You may now explore all areas of the disassembled book. CSS files can be dragged into a Web browser if double clicking them doesn’t actually open them up in your particular implementation of the operating system.


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How to Disassemble EPUB Files with Archive Manager

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