How to Disable pagefile.sys to free up space

Located in the C drive of a computer is a hidden system file by the name of “pagefile.sys” that is just as large as the amount of RAM the computer has. A computer thinks of the hard disk space allocated to the pagefile.sys file as Random Access Memory and uses it to store temporary data pertaining to ongoing processes that can be swapped with the computer’s RAM at any time. Because of its hefty size, many people want to get rid of it and wonder whether or not they should do so.

The pagefile.sys file, also known simply as a paging file, can prove to be quite useful (especially to memory dumps and for the offloading of memory cached files) and, in some cases, integral to the smooth performance of a computer, which is why most people with extensive knowledge of computers would advise you to not delete the file.

However, if you feels that their computer has all the Random Access Memory they could possibly need, they can get rid of the pagefile.sys file by simply turning Virtual Memory off on their computer. To turn Virtual Memory Off, one will have to:

1. Right click on Computer.

2. Click on Properties.


3. Click on Advanced system settings on the left.


4. Click on Settings under Performance.


5. Navigate to the Advanced tab


6. Click on Change under Virtual memory.


7. Clear the check box beside the automatically manage paging file size for all drives


8. Select any drives that have a pagefile.sys file.


9. Click on No paging file.


10. Finally, click on Set, and the changes will take effect after a reboot.

From the Virtual Memory window, you can also decrease the size of the pagefile.sys file, but that is not at all recommended, especially not if your computer has 1 Gigabyte of memory or less. If you does not want to get rid of the pagefile.sys file entirely (which might be a good idea after all), they can always resort to simply moving the file to another drive on their hard disk using the same Virtual Memory window.

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How to Disable pagefile.sys to free up space

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